Obama State Dinner Mostly Vegetarian + Some Other Stuff

This morning I heard on the news that the Obamas would be having the Prime Minister of India as guest of honor for the first official Obama White House State Dinner. Immediately I wondered if the dinner was going to be vegetarian.

And then, I got on with my day.

Kulavira just posted on Facebook this NYTimes.com blog piece on the dinner, which is totally veg except for some jalphal…a shrimp course.

Obama State Dinner

Good for India! Too bad about the masoor dal, though.

Also, although not very vegetarian, check out The Food Issue of The New Yorker. I particularly enjoyed Raffi Khatchadourian’s article, “The Taste Makers. The link is for the abstract; I have a subscription to the print edition. Kickin’ it old skool. Having grown up 20 minutes from Rutgers University and their food science program, I was smitten at a young age by esters and artificial flavors. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I sucked at regular chem. O-chem was always a few carbon chains out of my reach.

Anyway, if you are at all interested in processed foods and flavorings, it’s worth a trip to your library for a look at the entire article. A bunch of nuts, those scientists!

I’m going to try to corral all the fun foodie newsy news news I come across and dump it periodically on my blog instead of flashing it all on Facebook. The blog is way more accessible to me as an archive for my finds since it has a search feature and Facebook is a pain in the arse.

Blog 1, Facebook zilch.


Other stuff that has been in the media lately and of interest to vegetarians (and hopefully non-vegetarians, as well) is Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, which would make a nice birthday gift for me, hint hint. This book is getting a lot of attention. In one article earlier this week, Michiko Kakutani writes:

He asserts that “we have let the factory farm replace farming for the same reasons our cultures have relegated minorities to being second-class members of society and kept women under the power of men.” And in another section he talks about “the shame” he felt as an American tourist in Europe when “photos of Abu Ghraib proliferated” and then speaks in the very next sentence about the “shame in being human: the shame of knowing that 20 of the roughly 35 classified species of sea horse worldwide are threatened with extinction because they are killed ‘unintentionally’ in seafood production.”

Damn, Jonathan, you sexy with all that socio-political talk!! I totally agree and find vegetarianism to be a basic tenant of being human. Not that I’m judging anyone and everyone who eats meat. Okay, I am. But I try to keep it to myself.

Ahhh, this I just came across when looking up the link for Jon-Jon’s piece. Okay, maybe old news to most of you but I was grossed out to read that Mollie Katzen made the switch to the carnivorous side…years ago. Check out the link here. This Food & Wine article illustrates the whole “humane” meat thing that people have sold themselves, and uses Katzen as the not too shy poster child. Thankfully, I never owned one of her hippie cookbooks. It is just so Drew Barrymore of her. Apparently, 2002 was a very sketchy year for vegetarians.

Okay. I know I sound mean and judgmental. But it is just one side of my very complex personality. And besides, it’s my blog.




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4 responses to “Obama State Dinner Mostly Vegetarian + Some Other Stuff

  1. sabjimata

    damn the obamas are big!

  2. veruschka

    thanks for the news articles. i will show them to my family this weekend.

  3. I like the Prime Minister’s wife’s sari. 🙂

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