Vegetarian Round-up

I post a lot of newsy things I come across on Facebook, so I thought I would try to, every so often, gather those things here on ye ol’ bloggo. I’ve done it with my kitchen hates a few posts back and have decided, in the spirit of hating Thanksgiving, to do it with food consciousness.

The first link I am depositing here is for a brilliant Op-Ed by Gary Steiner.

Gary Steiner: Deeply Philosophical

The slow food movement has given way to a kill-your-own mentality as a feel good way to know your dinner, as if slaughtering the animal yourself somehow makes taking a life for your supper unproblematic. Steiner confronts this much neglected moral dilemma, which has fallen out of fashion amongst thinking eaters. His piece, Animal, Vegetable, Misserable, can be found here.

PETA serves up an impressive Thanksgiving grace in it’s current Thanksgiving ad campaign:



You may have noticed that I am still working on my sidebar links. Did you see the new blog linked under Edibles: Scott Winegard? Scott is a real life NYC veritable vegan chef and has lots of fun food stuff going on in his life.

scott winegard

How Very: Hubba Hubba



Jessica Claire Haney’s Washington Times Op-Ed had some Facebook friends all in a dither about the merits (or lack thereof) of processed vegetarian food touted as healthy alternatives to meaty school lunches. Sure, I get the point, but if one sees nutritious choices as a continuum of bad, good and better choices, as opposed to a dichotomy of good and bad, then I don’t see the problem with Michelle Obama’s soyburger idea. Again, check out Steiner’s piece and add ethics of eating to the discusson.

Finally, I want to clue you into two things that are not necessarily related to conscious vegetarian living/eating (wow, that sounds so hokie pokie!) but, in the way I live my life, totally related. Like, totally.

Stephen Bezruchka’s Health & Capitalism addresses not health care necessarily but rather the issue of taking car of one’s health. I especially appreciated his appraisal of the role of the stay at home parent: way important. Thanks, Stephen, for giving us SAHM’s props.

Taking that idea and Googling it, here is a link estimating the monetary value of stay at home mothers. Sure, depending on how you look at it, it can be either right wing Christian or post-feminist. Hey, whatever gets you through the day.

Lately, I have been basking in my stay at home mom-itude (yes, based on the word “servitude”), despite not having a new kitchen. Hopefully I will post soon on the sheer pleasure of my son’s recent birthday party and all the warm happy fuzzy mommy realizations the event spawned in me.

Feel free to add your vegetarian friendly news finds in the comments section below.


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