Party People In the House Say “Oh Yeah!”

Face cookies are a recurring request from my kids’ for their birthdays. Previously, I have always made little Hare Krishna faces (click here to peek). But in the past, I have always used Dec-a-Cake or whatever crappy tube icing I could get my hands on. The white was always homemade–just powdered sugar and water. However, the last time I made sugar cookies (cute little ghosts for Halloween), I wasn’t pleased with the consistency of the icing–which can be so tempermental. Also, a friend of mine made a little ha-ha at my expense about how I don’t make my own decorative frosting.

Well, I sure showed her! I found a sugar cookie icing recipe that got rave reviews on-line, made a small adjustment of subbing water for milk and got frosting. Quickly I grew tired of sifting the powdered sugar with the flour sifter that was cramping my hand and I felt too much like I was exercising for guitar (I don’t play). So I came up with this totally genius little kitchen tip which I will pass on to you. I used my food processor to sift the powdered sugar!

Now, now. A standing ovation is not necessary. Just throw your sugar in the food processor (plastic blade), turn it on and rock it back and forth, side to side every few seconds. It takes a little while to get it all nice and soft and powdery but it sure keeps your hand from bulking up with unsightly muscles. I buy my powdered sugar in bulk so it gets kind of crunchy. If you are working with smaller quantities, you may not have these issues. Good for you. No really. I am happy for you.

Back to the icing. First of all, let’s say that this icing is kind of gross. To put it nicely, it’s “vegan” (code word for “the main ingredient is….god, I can’t even say it!”). I couldn’t do many colors because I only bought a tiny canister of the vegetable lard, made too much red and blue and had enough for only one more color. The boy wanted me to make vampire cookies but white fangs wouldn’t show so well on white faces. His other suggestion was tiger faces. But really, it was too late in the game for that. So it was a toss-up between tilak and mustaches (that was my clever idea). He chose mustaches, amidst much laughter.

Let me just say that handling the food coloring was a weird experience. Spoontula-ing the colored icing into clear pastry bags really drove it home–i was voluntarily putting poison on my beautiful, organic, flax speckled sugar cookies. And my kids were loving it. Eh, once in a while won’t totally cancer them.

These cookies are kind of ugly and not so cute compared to my previous expedition into the world of edible faces. Hopefully the kids won’t say mean things to me about them.

The Assembled Mustachios

Salvador Dali Face Cookie

Adolph Hitler on the Right


Peter Sellers Face Cookie

My husband helped out by bringing me some Acqua di Nepi.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to eat a thing. Thank goodness for mineral water; 6% of my daily calcium per glass! Okay. I have been eating. Gross, gross things. Like too much gluten and raw cookie dough. Barf.

Egg Replacer: Mashed Tofu

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m really trying to maneuver this crazy kitchen the best that I can, using whatever is in reach. I had a bowl of ground and slimy flax eggs whipped up but after about 20 dozen cookies, ran out. Instead of reaching for the spice grinder, I just opened the fridge and grabbed a few unused pieces of tofu. Mash, mash. That’s my egg replacer. The resultant chocolate chip cookies were nice and puff.

Eggless Chocolate Chippies

Seitan in BBQ Sauce Ready for the Oven

Right now the gluten is in the oven, taking over all three racks. Thank you, convection. Many jammie cookies have been made and are awaiting a sprinkle of faerie dust before entering their paper sack where they will hide until the party is over. At that time, they will be passed out to all the departing children who will excitedly open the bags expecting candy and party blowers and an assortment of useless plastic crap. Instead, they will be met by an assortment of organic, homemade cookies. That will be the true test of their good manners.

Harriet's Thumbprint Cookies Adorned w/Sabjimata Strawberry Conserve



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6 responses to “Party People In the House Say “Oh Yeah!”

  1. vegan-a-holic

    i love your blog. thank you for the tip about thw tofu for egg replacer. how much tofu equals one egg? can you taste the tofu in the cookies? do they taste beanie?

    thank you for all your posts. the new format looks good. please don’t stop blogging again.

    yours truly,

    • sabjimata

      as i said in the post, the tofu was a spur of the moment thing. i guess i used half a block for around 3 recipes (approx 6+ cups of flour). can’t taste the tofu. not beanie.

      thanks for reading! will try to keep blogging.


  2. love the cookies with mustachos. i’ll take a groucho marx one. 😉

  3. Babhru

    I have to say that I would never have guessed those cookies had tofu as an egg replacer. (I’ve always used yogurt.) There was nothing tofu-ey or any sort of beaney about them. I was intrigued by your reference to flax egg replacer. Never thought of that, either. How do you make it?

    • sabjimata

      the flax egg works wonderfully. i was introduced to the idea from the post punk kitchen gals (vegan cupcakes take over the world, etc.) it does add a “wholesomeness” to the cookies, but i never mind that. even the face cookies (which i promise are less tooth clowingly sweet this time around) have the flax in them and when i test ran them at the soccer game yesterday, no one seemed to mind. so for the flax egg, i don’t measure but i think the ratio is one tablespoon ground flax seed to 2 tbspn water. whisk it up and let it sit a couple of minutes to get “gloppy.” add more water if necessary.

      i heard amaradha uses tofu in her cakes to make them soft. in the vegan pound cake recipe i use, silken tofu is a crucial ingredient. also, i once made a veganaise chocolate cake which was very moist, although grossed out my husband. so the tofu mash didn’t seem like a totally out there addition/substitution.

      yes, i also use yogurt, sour cream and buttermilk. isn’t it funny that people think eggless baking is so complicated but, for the most part, simple recipes can be made eggless without much thought.

      see you later today!

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