Naughty Mommy!

Sabjimata W/ScissorsBangs & Pony

Yesterday, on my way out to pick up my kids from school, I stared myself straight in the mirror and thought, “No way.” No way was I leaving the house in my bandana and fry clothes. I switched outfits but still felt ugly.

I put on mascara and red lipstick and still felt ugly. I trimmed my hair, but still. Remembering the O Magazine article I read the day before in a doctor’s waiting room, which swore that once a woman reaches a certain age, bangs help, I contemplated going deeper than a trim with my cut. I decided to go for it. So what if I was a little late picking my kids up from school. At least I would feel good when I got there.

Back in college (Temple U/first time around), I sported the look. A girl in my modern dance class told me it looked like a wig. A tall, skinny boy named Branko who read too much George Bataille told me I looked like Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks. The bangs were a passing trend for me, a mere prelude to the shaved head.

This time around I think I will just grow them out when I tire of them. But then again, I am of a certain age. Doesn’t seem like the cut makes me look 10 years younger, like the O article promised, but 24 isn’t a year I am nostalgic for anyway.


Bangs & Flip

Self cut, cowlick semi-under control–I’m feeling pretty this morning, even though my kids are not a fan. The husband likes it, citing my hair’s 1950’s reference the moment he walked through the door.

Bangs&Pony Side View

Full Frontal Bangs & Pony


Not even a day into the bang cut, I’m finding it quite practical. I can wear my hear down without having to push my hair out of my face. And my hair remains much more controlled while driving with the windows down. Now back to the kitchen to see how it holds up under heavy heat.



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16 responses to “Naughty Mommy!

  1. 2menandapuppy

    very nice, but i think you should get some thinner eyebrows.

  2. Lavanga Manjari

    Feeling need to also cut bangs… if not for my curly hair… reaching for scissors… bringing back memories of Aquanet and 8th grade… must. not. do. it….

    You look very cute in bangs. And yes, you do look younger. I really wang bang too, but curly hair and bangs is a nightmare.

    • sabjimata

      wang bang! you could always straighten your fangs, i mean bangs. aquanet would not be a good idea…which is why i had to ditch the amy winehouse halloween outfit. too environmentally unfriendly!

  3. very, verrrry cute! I wish I could pull off short-short bangs like that.

  4. gopal nandini

    Wow, I think it looks great. . .and I think it may be exactly that thing I too have been missing! Would you be offended or flattered if I copied your great idea???

  5. sappholove

    sexy veggie mammmmma

  6. nono, mine were longer. and thicker. way more cleopatra meets pulp fiction meets 2009. yours are super punk riot girl cute.

    • sabjimata

      i was wondering i i should go thicker but since you are so full of compliments, i will quite while i am ahead. i like it lots and think it will become a staple, like the nose ring and bindi. i have a feeling it will look good in silver.

  7. sweet and neat. very fitting. me likes.

  8. karuna

    Looks so cute and natural with you! 🙂

  9. Lavanga Manjari

    LOL. WANG BANG! Man, I really need to stop typing with a kid on my lap or at least teach him how to proofread. I am crying; I am laughing so hard!

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