WordPress: Not Easy for Mom Over 34

Here I am. @ WordPress. Finding it difficult. If I was anything near a perfectionist, I would try harder with these pics I am posting, but here today, archived tomorrow so I am not going to worry about it.

Venumadhava’s birthday is approaching. Grandma should be packing her bags for her flight out of Newark into JAX. Today I turned 35 cups of gluten flour into brains and have my muck clothes on for the fry off. Seven dozen cookies baked and I am not even thinking how many more to go. Not thinking because I ran out of sugar. Thankfully Ward’s has a 50lb bag of evaporated organic cane with my name on it.

I am not the only one who has been busy these days. The babu built a storage loft in the office room. Now I have a place to stash the 100+ saris I never wear anymore. Also, he mowed our acre for happy kid fun play at the birthday party. Just watch out for those pine cones!

Surprising myself, I broke the rhythm of party cooking and put up a pot of soup for my lunch and the husband’s dinner. My newest fave in the flavoring department is creamy faux chicken. Basically, I boil a few peeled potatoes, drain (saving water), finely mash, mix in a half cup of spelt flour and then add the boiled water + more to equal 8 cups of liquid.

Carrots, celery, tomato and potato go into a hot pan with olive oil and butter, until they sweat it out. Oh, did I mention yellow hing, yellow mustard powder, thyme, black pep, paprika and basil are added to the mix? Well, I just did. Add that, along with some barley, tofu, nutritional yeast and a tablespoon of salt to the stock pot and let it boil until you just can’t handle not eating it!

It’s important to stay fed when cooking up a storm, but sometimes difficult. Especially considering the level of disorganization of moi kitchen. Last nite I did the best I could with what I had (that is the theme lately), serving the husband a dinner of zucchini and tomato with fettuccine in a brown butter sauce along with a good share of fried. Because the butter just wasn’t enough fat for one meal.

The tofu fishsticks turned out well, although I did thin out the batter after I fried the first batch, which kind of was a mistake. Batter was yellow cornmeal, sour cream, water, minced fresh tarragon, nutritional yeast, yellow hing, black pepper, cumin powder and salt.

Now it is off to laundry until round two of today’s kitchen duty.

Please don’t mind the picture layout…I am still learning WordPress. It’s going to take me a while. I’m no teenager, you know.

Babu building the storage loft.

Trying out the loft before it was finished.


Hey there! I am back…although you probably don’t even know I left. Returning to the post to fix a typo (which I can’t find now, grrrr) I realized I didn’t mention the awesome pinata Vm and I made for the party. He wanted a volcano pinata, and I didn’t want to spend money for something that was just going to be smashed to bits, so I broke up some Perrier case boxes and got taping. Super cheap and easy (hey, I was talking about the pinata!), I began decorating it with crumpled construction paper. Vm couldn’t resist and tore some tissue paper up for the lava flow. We just used what was in the house, so our materials (and colors) were limited. The volcano looks kind of nuts but I like it. And my boy is happy, which is what this whole party thing is all about.



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3 responses to “WordPress: Not Easy for Mom Over 34

  1. lajja

    Dear Sabjimata,

    The new blog looks amazing and I am always in awe of those who actually fry things in their own homes (as opposed to in the temple in a swimming-pool sized wok full of ghee). I very much would like to try some of your recipes, but I have to ask one question: how is that you and your husband and (presumably) your children still fit into clothes from the regular-sized sections of the store? Do you have an ultra-long-distance running career that you are not sharing with us? Is it photoshop magic? Just wondering, as now that it is fall, I have put on 7 pounds in three weeks while eating half as much as usual.

    lajjarani (portland)

    • sabjimata

      lol! lajjarani, for starters, we’re not as thin as we used to be!

      while that one meal was particularly fried, we try to eat a lot of whole grains and vegetables, too, and limit our dairy.

      my husband and i have different body types (he’s all pitta, i’m mostly vata) and he really needs the fried foods. it isn’t so good for me so i have to exhibit much restraint around the stuff.

      since fall has (sort of) come to florida i’ve given up all forms of exercise and have also put on some pounds. if that makes you feel any better 😉

  2. theotherseanlennon

    stay with it. you will get the hang of wordpress. your blog looks great and you are terrific. would love a tofu fishstick right about now.

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