Palate Cleanser: Persimmon Sorbet

Time sure does fly. On this day last year I was test driving persimmon sorbet in anticipation of The Client’s mondo Thanksgiving extravaganza. This year I have not even touched a single fresh persimmon, much to my sadness. Truthfully, I am trying to keep things as simple as possible in the kitchen until the remodel happens. Looking at this pic, however, is making it hard to resist whipping up a batch. Now if only I could find time between the two soccer games I have to coach today, the bowling party my son is going to (birthday girl is Japanese..can’t wait to gift her some persimmon jam!) and the prep I need to get on *stat* for my son’s sixth birthday banquet next week.
Here’s last year’s post. Unfortunately there is no recipe to go along with it so I am linking a recipe from to go along with this post. Not the recipe I used, but looks good!

Because I have a heck of a lot of persimmons and not a lot of time, I whipped up a quart of persimmon sorbetto to go along with the balmy, 80 degree days we are having. I didn’t realize how much I missed homemade frozen sorbet until I tasted this stuff. Way fruitier and more flavorful than what you get in the store. What to speak of the fact that you can get persimmon sorbet, like…nowhere!

This flavor, along with two others, will be featured as an intermezzo during my client’s Thanksgiving feast. Since he has a freezer full of leftovers, he agreed to give me a day off in exchange for Thanksgiving feast cooking hours.
What did I do with my time off? LSAT review. In between sections I had a few spoonfuls of persimmon sorbet as a palate cleanser. Refreshing.

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