Death By Cheese

Yesterday was a fast day for those observant Hare Krishnas like my husband. No grains, no beans. I made a very tasty blended butternut squash soup, even though my immersion blender has long died months ago. No worries. A potato masher and whisk got the job done and I was feeling quite Amish and accomplished as a result of not letting modernity get in my way. And I applaud myself for resisting the temptation to use the countertop blender–the blinding scorch of hot soup erupting forth once the blades are set in motion is a fate I have averted. This time. Seriously though, a handheld blender only costs about $15 bucks. I should pick one up soon for bigger soup pots…I’m not really Amish, after all.

Above is a pic of the entree of the day: pan fried paneer wedges stuffed with cheese and spinach and then baked in a sauce of tomatoes and cubanelles until the top cheese was all melty. Tablespoon upon tablespoon of ghee was ladled into the cast iron skillet to make these gently pressed paneer wedges even fattier.

I wasn’t going to have any of this myself, but after a bite of my husband’s, I lost control and devoured an entire portion. Then I went back and picked at whatever broken cast offs were left behind in the baking pan. His meal was free of grains and beans, but I wouldn’t exactly call it fasting.

In addition to the soup and death-by-dairy entree, I also baked up some ginger cookies for our soccer practice (Thursday is cookie day). I really wanted to tell the kids that the cookies they loved were made from organic spelt flour (“Now go home and tell your parents you love spelt!”), but I was too busy talking to one of the parents at the end of practice about how his lovely son has low self esteem and cries at least once a practice. So sad. But at least the cookies brought a smile to his face.
Truthfully, the only flour I have in the house right now is white spelt. White spelt is a bit softer than regular white AP flour. Actually, it is my flour of choice for cookies, since it makes cookies good for my tummy, but I haven’t used it for pound cake yet and was a little nervous when venturing forth measuring out a double recipe. I held my breath and turned my oven light on to see how the rise would play out. Whew! Lovely. Gotta love those Post Punk Kitchen lassies!
My son lurves pound cake, despite the fact that it is not topped with frosting. Amazingly, he eats the cake. Anyone who has been to a birthday party of five year olds knows that cake is usually just the serving platter for the frosting, carefully licked around, discarded wet and otherwise untouched.
Next week is his birthday par-tay (SIX!!! YEARS!! OLD!!!) and I am going to spend the week baking. One of these pound cakes (the one we have not been eating) will go in the freezer, emerging next Sunday as a dessert for the adults. In the meantime, I will be baking batches upon batches of cookies for the goody bags. Totally sick of dollar store plastic crap, I am going to send the kids home with a paper bag filled with a cookie assortment. Starting now, this will be our new family tradition.
Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am back to blogging. Keeps me off the streets 😉


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2 responses to “Death By Cheese

  1. Anna

    Panneer looks yummy, I should try that sometime. I'm all for using healthier ingredients too, and if it works and taste good even better. On your friend’s son, tell him to put him in some martial art class. It worked wonders for my little brother, he was extremely shy and Tae kown do changed his life. Gave him confidence and a great body too.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks, anna…paneer is so easy to make! thanks for the martial arts recommendation. today the boy did so well during our team's soccer game…we were all happy! 🙂

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