I’d Rather Be Cooking With Frazier

My kitchen reno-design is coming along quickly and slowly. We have not yet gone under contract for our PA house, which means we have no money for a remodel which means I have ample time to obsess about every single detail to the point that it is unenjoyable and I just want it over. Too many late nights looking at Hudson Valley Lighting that I cannot afford. I know the name of the fixtures by sight. Winslow. Gardner. Beacon. The very popular Haverhill. Frazier. Ohhhh, Frazier!

Aside from the longing for a new kitchen, I am quite a happy homemaker. Lately I’ve been out and about on my kids’ birthday party circuit, chatting it up with the other kids’ parents. And it’s been fun. I’ve met some interesting people and life has a little variety. Yes, my social life is dependent upon my children. Is that unusual? Pathetic? If it is, I don’t care.
When meeting new people, the question of work often comes up. As in, “What kind of work do you do?” When that question is lobbied my way I try to keep it simple, saying “Nothing,” no tongue in cheekiness intended. I am not going for an awkward moment (which often ensues) nor am I trying to score a pat on the back and a “Mom: The Most Important Job There Is” t-shirt. I just think it is cool to say “nothing” in a kind of nod to the fact that if, for the day, I choose to do nothing, chances are I’m not going to lose my job. I do nothing that well.
But today I did something. And that something was not work at Pier 1 because they never even called me back to work seasonal. It’s better off that way; now I can keep my 15 year vow to never work retail again.
Today I did housework, glorious housework. Laundry, fresh bedding and cooking. Here is a look at some of my skilz (<—-does that spelling make me look younger than I actually am?).

Punk pie coming up! Freshly baked pumpkin smells so good. And the deep orange goes so well with my original 1962 vintage linoleum floor.

Fennel, I love you. I do. Even my kids will eat you because you look so much like celery.

My current kitchen situation makes it impossible to take good food pics. Severely oooogly countertop. Cave lighting. Even the shadows have shadows. Brace yourself for the following pics. It ain’t pretty.

Eggplant parmesan.

From whatever angle I shot it, the eggplant parm looked like an oozing cheezy I-talian mess. But I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.

Cup o’ soup….creamy potato fennel soup was very good and “yellow” tasting (that’s my veg code word for “chickeny”). Accompanied by leftover stovetop naan from the weekend.

These pastries were made from leftover pie crust dough. Inside is a pineapple ring and cookie icing. Not something I would intentionally set out to make, but waste not want not.

I swear this pumpkin pie is just as ugly in real life as it is in this pic. I even tried to make it a little sexier by brushing some maple syrup over the top, which just made it look like a rabid dog drooled all over it. Nevertheless, the spelt crust came out fab and I am confident my pie will be well adored by my husband.

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One response to “I’d Rather Be Cooking With Frazier

  1. Lila

    Oh how I love you and your pie comments.

    BTW–I used to work at Pier One and made off with lots of free broken stuff.

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