Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Has The Ugliest Kitchen Of Them All?

My entire consciousness lately has been directed towards my kitchen remodel. And selling our Pennsylvania house. Which needs to happen before the kitchen remodel. For the last three weeks we were supposed to go under contract but for various reasons that did not happen. Now we are still supposed to go under contract, but with a closing date in 2010. Yes, 2010. Next year (technically). Very disappointing.

I have everything picked out for my new kitchen and have spent much late night time online finding the perfect items at the most perfect prices…and I probably have growing cancerous cells in my body to prove it. The cabinets I want are on sale until November 6th…but I am not sure if we are going to be able to make a financial commitment to said cabinets without the contract signed. There have been many appointments with many people, such as Bob, my new boyfriend, the cabinet guy (ooh, must get pic of Bob!) and tomorrow the cabinet installer is coming to measure and the engineer is coming to, well…engineer.

We have some issues with a zig-zagging supporting wall and our house being built pre-roof truss engineering which would mean that my kitchen, which will be growing with the remodel, would have to have a pole in the middle. Which seemed like what we were going to do, until my husband saw the design on paper and simply refused to have a pole in the middle. Tomorrow, at $100 an hour, I will find out if it is economically feasible to forgo the center pole.

In the meantime, I am vacillating between cooking dread in my skanky, small, dark, dingy, overstuffed kitchen and cooking fun as I try to convince the cooking gods to bestow upon me a really bitchin’ kitchen. Like I tell them, I deserve it. We don’t eat out. I hate spending money on stuff I could just make at home (with better ingredients). Yes, I am cheap and annoying that way. We only eat in vegetarian restaurants, which around here means we can drive 2 hours to Orlando. But that’s 2 hours at 80mph. It’s far. So I figure whatever a 30-something couple’s entertainment budget is, well, we can use that towards the kitchen, since we don’t really go anywhere.

Speaking of entertaining, the Mirelli family (that’s our mobbed up name) had a Halloween party this weekend. It was supposed to be for the kids but I really wasn’t organized enough for…organized fun. They ran amok and had a swell time while the adults ate and talked loudly and then left to watch the Gators game. Maybe if we had tv reception the party would have lasted a little longer. Such is the culture down here in Gator Nation.

I had a lot of fun cooking for the party. Weather-wise it was in the high 80’s, despite my childhood memories of wearing a coat over my costume. Oh wait, I grew up in Jersey, not Florida. Anyway, we really wanted to create a fall mood so I busted out the Thanksgiving recipes and got cooking at 3AM. Nine hours later we had a spread which included vegan-ish turkey, homemade (do I really have to say “homemade”?) bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, buttermilk mashed potatoes, vegetable barley soup, ghost sugar cookies, pound cake and mocha cheesecake. It was good.

No time that day to snap pics but I cooked the turkeybird tonite for husband’s dinner and got some shots off. Definitely check out this vegan turkey recipe by Bryanna Clark Grogan, who totally rocks the gluten flour every which way but crappy. For my version, I subbed out the onion and garlic for yellow hing and made a broth of water, Braggs, olive oil, sage, basil, thyme, yellow hing, yellow mustard powder and nutritional yeast. It’s very very easy but does require some time.

Here’s what I managed to snap. The lighting in my kitchen, along with everything else, sucks. New kitchen will be way more photogenic. Just hope I live to see it!

Can I tell you just how much I loved this cake? So much. No wait. SO SO much. It is vegan pound cake from the Post Punk Veganomicon cookbook, which I dairy-ized. Only a 1/2 pound of butter per cake! I have been longing for this flavor for about 15 years now. Thanks Terry and Isha!

One can never have too much cheesecake, especially when winter is coming and one won’t be wearing a bikini very often. Here is a crust for yet another delicious cheesecake, since we didn’t get to really have much of the one on party day.

Mocha-y! Here it is, unbaked and looking good. Unfortunately as I type this the cheesecake is overflowing from the springform pan all over my oven. I knew I filled it too high but was hoping for the best. Luckily I stuck a cookie tray underneath to catch any overflow.

Gobble, gobble.

Please excuse my ugly kitchen, overfilled cabinets which don’t close, cheap Cheerios, burnt oven mitt and all the other slop you have to bear witness to. I know it is an eyesore. But I share it with you hoping you will recognize the fact that, despite adversity, I still manage to bake cheesecake.



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4 responses to “Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Has The Ugliest Kitchen Of Them All?

  1. Ananga-manjari

    Food was great. Much fun was had. Bellies were satisfied. And we had a bitchin' game of skittles.

  2. Cristina

    your gluten bird is so nice and round! anyway, feeling your kitchen pain and hope your remodeling dreams come sooner than later! *HUGS*

  3. Varacita

    Need to remodel my kitchen as well. Do you have a good
    source for real wood kitchen cabinets that are affordable?

    • sabjimata

      builders choice on 441 has many styles and it’s all wood construction. prices are not bad. we just had to replace the upstairs cabs…where satyaki and babhru live…and i had cabinets priced out at builders choice but the all wood stock cabs from lowe’s were much cheaper. there is only one style option (i guess it is not an option if it is just one) and it is oak. simple but all wood.

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