Govardhana Puja Puppet Show

Ooooh…stuff is getting busy around here. Parties. Stuff going at my kids’ school. Fun. Headaches, etc. Lots of stuff to blog about but not much time. Why can’t life be evenly paced?

I am just now getting ready to do a puppet show at my son’s class in celebration of Govardhana Puja (which was yesterday). Above is a pic of my puppets, made a few years back. Painted Perrier boxes on wooden dowels. Much love of the glue gun going on with them.

Here are my notes for my little presentation. I am trying to make it not very “religious” because it is supposed to be “cultural.” Sho’thang. There are quite a few Injun kids in my son’s class so I will be looking at them to act like I’m not speaking French the whole time.

Basically my puppet show will consist of me singing M. Yamini songs and reciting some modified (OH HOW OFFENSIVE!!!) passages from Krishna Book.

Okay…going to give the Yamini cd one last listen while I boil dal and clean my kitchen.

Oh! And the best part is that I will be passing out dried fruit ladu afterwards. The prasadam was offered to Babhru’s Krishna Balarama Silas! Wow. This post really makes me sound like a believer…gotta keep you guessing 😉


Govardhana festival—vaisnavas (hindu group), commemorate the annual harvest/village life

Importance of cow:
–oxen work field
–milk diet/business
–gentle animal

traditional culture: many gods, all with own job.
Vishnu is in charge of them…comes as Krishna, a magical blue boy.

Story of govardhana puja—magical
May be words you don’t know. One part sing song about all the foods…yummy Indian foods.

Give synopsis (mention importance of hill to cowherders!)

These cowherd men in Vrndavana have neglected my authority on the advice of this talkative boy who is known as Krsna. He is nothing but a child, and by believing this child, they have enraged me.” Thus he ordered the Samvartaka cloud to go and destroy the prosperity of Vrndavana. “The men of Vrndavana have become too puffed up over their material opulence and are overconfident due to the presence of their tiny friend, Krsna. He is simply talkative, childish and unaware of the complete cosmic situation, although He is thinking Himself very smart. Because they have taken Krsna so seriously, they must be punished. They should be destroyed along with their cows!

Ordered by King Indra, all the dangerous clouds appeared above Vrndavana and began to pour water incessantly, with all their strength and power. There was constant lightning and thunder, blowing of severe wind, and incessant falling of rain. The rain seemed to fall like piercing sharp arrows. By pouring water as thick as pillars, without cessation, the clouds gradually filled all the lands in Vrndavana with water, and there was no visible distinction between higher and lower land. The situation was very dangerous, especially for the animals. The rainfall was accompanied by great winds, and every living creature in Vrndavana began to tremble from the severe cold. Unable to find any other source of deliverance, they all approached Krishna, the magic boy.The cows especially, became worried by the heavy rain, bowed down their heads, and taking their calves underneath their bodies, they approached the magic blue boy, Krishna. At that time all the inhabitants of Vrndavana began to beg Krishna for help. “Dear Krsna, You are all-powerful, and You are very affectionate to the villagers. Now please protect us, we who have been much harassed by angry Indra.”

Little Boy Krsna immediately picked up Govardhana Hill with one hand, exactly as a child picks up a mushroom from the ground and said: “My dear brothers, My dear father, My dear inhabitants of Vrndavana, you can now safely enter under the umbrella of Govardhana Hill, which I have just lifted. Do not be afraid of the hill and think that it will fall from My hand. You have been too much afflicted from the heavy rain and strong wind; therefore I have lifted this hill, which will protect you exactly like a huge umbrella. I think this is a proper arrangement to relieve you of your immediate distress. Be happy along with your animals underneath this great umbrella.” Being assured by the magical boy, all the inhabitants of Vrndavana entered beneath the great hill along with their property and animals, and they all appeared to be safe.

The inhabitants of Vrndavana and their animals remained there for one week without being disturbed by hunger, thirst or any other discomforts. They were simply astonished to see how Krsna was holding up the mountain with the little finger of His left hand. Seeing the extraordinary mystic power of Krsna, Indra, the King of heaven, was thunderstruck and baffled in his determination. He immediately called for all the clouds and asked them to stop their storms. When the sky became completely cleared of all clouds and there was sunrise again, the strong wind stopped. At that time Krsna, known now as the lifter of Govardhana Hill, said, “My dear cowherd men, now you can leave and take your wives, children, cows and valuables, because everything is ended. The storm has gone down, along with the swelling waters of the river.”

Slowly everyone left the cover of the hill and Krishna gently put govardhana back down upon the ground of vrindavan. One o the villagers said:
“My dear friends, considering His wonderful activities, how is it possible that such an uncommon boy would come and live with us in Vrndavana? It is really not possible. Just imagine! He is now only seven years old! How is it possible for Him to lift Govardhana Hill in one hand and hold it up just as the king of elephants holds a lotus flower? To lift a lotus flower is a most insignificant thing for an elephant, and similarly Krsna lifted Govardhana Hill without exertion.
All the residents of Vrindavan were very grateful to little Krishna and love or him swelled in their hearts.

Indra, humbled by the events, approached the child and said:
“Dear Krishna being puffed up by my false prestige, I thought that You had offended me by not allowing the cowherd men to worship me, and I thought that You wanted to enjoy the offerings that were arranged for the sacrifice. I thought that in the name of Govardhana worship, You were taking my share of profit, and therefore I mistook Your position. Now Your I understand that although you appear to be a little boy, you are much more powerful than me. Please forgive me.


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