I Want To Murder My Blog

Why my blog deserves to die:

Since switching the url over from sabjimatajam.blogspot.com to sabjimata.blogspot.com, not only did some weird pottery freak steal my old url within seconds, but the search box at the top of my blog’s page has been rendered totally dumb, unable to complete a single search. So, if you are looking for a recipe or cooking tip, look elsewhere on the internet, because this stupid blog will be no use to you.
I’m sorry.
In an effort to rectify this frustrating situation, I will tag past posts as I revisit them for whatever pathetic reason I end up sitting alone, reading my own blog with too much time on my hands. Like this morning. I ate a big bowl of oatmeal and then felt all sleepy. So I tried to sleep. But the phone kept ringing. And one of the calls was from a friend who wanted the link to my cheesecake recipe. But couldn’t find it. This made me sad for myself for not being able to take a nap. I mean, what is the point of having 2 kids in school, a husband at work and absolutely no job or hobby if I can’t take a nap?
So, being the absolute biggest waste of a day that I am, I went way way back to 2008 in my blog archives and began sifting through posts, tagging recipes and cookies along the way. Well, unfortunately for me it didn’t take much time to come across the cheesecake recipe. I even had time leftover to write this new post before the H-VAC man arrives to fleece me of my knipple. Oy.
This post should clear up the curiosities of anyone left wondering what I have been doing with myself lately, as well as provide you with a link to a really bitchin’ eggless New York style cheesecake recipe.
Lucky you.

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One response to “I Want To Murder My Blog

  1. carolyn

    I actually thought that pottery post was you. Thought you must have had a latent a boring streak

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