Sabji & Puri

Here I am gearing up for my next gig. I always carry my own instruments cause trnad api, suckas!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I lurve kirtan I mean lurve it guys. Sri Balaram Mrdanga and me are like Richie Cunningham and his basketball, except I never watched Happy Days because I was locked up in the ashram so that refrence gone way overhead. So it should be no surprise to anyone who’s everyone that Earache Records is putting out a Myspace page for me no joke. Other bands with a spiritual message that Earache produces includes Cathedral and Godflesh so this is a really big deal and I feel so honored but really it is them who should feel honored to be on a label with me. Leo Smee and Benny Green are teaching me so much about spiritual bass playing so keep an eye out in the near future for how I’ll by strummin it along with my soon to be available full line of Sabji & Puri guitar logo picks screened on American Apparel plastic cause I hate sweatshops but, like the Mormans, love porn oh yeah. All over people are getting turned on to my positive message of my chanting, and that fact that my stomach is so flat after pushing out two babies definitely gives me cred with all those yoga folks. Who’s needing sex when you’ve got the Holy Name sweeter than honey. Don’t be a dummy. Stay in scool stay off the streets keep the gurlies dressed and make sure you get paid. Hare Krishna Radhe Syama get ready because soon I’ll be chanting for Krishna Balarama!

Warming up…sound check check check.

Once I start chanting I just get so crazy…the Holy Name is like that, yo…like crack cocaine for your soul that’s all I smoke I swear.

I’m fly like that.

My tambourine playing gets me so high don’t think I’ll ever come down.

Kartals keeping me young.

just me myself and Maya chillin’ after the photo shoot.

Classic Sabji  & Puri meditative moment caught by the super talented semi-non-professional Madhava Pandit das (he’s initiated).



Behind the Scenes: Check out the newest press on Sabji & Puri coming this fall on VH1



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4 responses to “Sabji & Puri

  1. Cori

    You rock. I wanna join your group.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    as long as you don't upstage me 😉

  3. Ananga-manjari

    Love the behind the scenes shoot. Flippin' the birds! 😉

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