How to Make Paneer

Guest blogger Padi Sutherland contributes the following text and pictorial instructions for making fresh milk curd, or paneer. Thanks, Padi!

To make paneer you can use a variety of curdling agents: buttermilk, yoghurt, citric acid…
I decided to use lemon juice. Cheap, effective, juicy.
You will need: 1 gallon of milk, lemon juice.

You will need: Pot, flat bottomed spoon for stirring
Heat on med/high
(flat spoon is my preference as I find it easiest for scraping the bottom of the pot when stirring to stop the milk from burning)

I poured some of the lemon juice into a jug, for fast easy pouring

I placed a colander over a large stainless steel bowl. I then lined it with a cheesecloth.

Frequently stir the milk to prevent burning.

When the milk is about to boil it gets this frothy look to it. Be ready with your curdling agent because milk can boil over very quickly.

This is after pouring the lemon juice in.


I had some left in the jug.

Notice the clear colour of the whey.

Pour the curd/whey into the colander.

I used a smaller bowl with some of the whey in it to press the curd.

This is it after pressing it.

My humble curd.

Can you believe that this is all that comes from one gallon of milk? It’s worth it in the end though…

My curd

Cubed and ready to fry.


Ready for my sabji. I made mattar paneer.

The leftover whey can be kept and used in soups or drinks…or whatever else you may fancy.

Padi Sutherland lives in Alachua, Florida where she mothers five children and lets me swim in her pool occasionally. She is also a NICU nurse and damn good Facebooker. She is married to one of the masterminds behind the hit office supply website, The Office Dealer.


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  1. Padi

    hey, i just noticed this after reading about pie. pies.
    mwah xxx

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