OM again, OM again

This morning when I went to check my email I had a message from a Facebook friend who I unfriended in an attempt to have less Facebook friends. That effort at friends list simplification was a losing battle since the world is an ever expanding dimension of friendship. One unfriended friend finally noticed and called me out on it, along with adding a good question about eggless/vegan cookie baking.

Since the unfriended friend and I were on the same OM team (Olympics of the Mind) back in middle school, where we totally took first place at the world competition and were big L7 dorks together (no, not the punk band…I mean total square-heads), I felt all bad for being such an ungrateful Facebook friend and reapplied to be her Facebook friend. Will she take me back? Who knows. But regardless of our turbulent Facebook friendship, I happily rattled off a little natural foods baking primer for her. Here is our correspondence….for all to see!!!

NOT! our first place OM world championship team. This is a pic from our high school OM team…as they would say in our high school….DORK!!! DORK!!! DORK!!!

hey Deva–

I was wondering why i hadn’t seen your updates in a while.. I now see that you disconnected me. Hope I didn’t do something to warrant that, and you were just filtering out folks you don’t talk to. Bummer– I often enjoyed your comments and article links. apologies, however, if something i said indirectly offended you.. definitely not my intention to do that to anybody, but hey… it’s not like it’s not possible. I tend to be a little rough around the edges.

at any rate.. I had a few questions about the vegan lifestyle. I’m not sure if that is what you would classify your diet/lifestyle choices in regards to food, or if there is another term for it? I seem to recall that you use ingredients that are natural to the earth? Is that correct?

SO I have this business I started, and I was making a cookie for a child who was egg and dairy allergic, and I ended up using a vegan recipe for the cookie… which worked out great.. but I’m curious that if I were to think about making a cookie that would truly appeal to someone who’s vegan.. would I need to use special flour? Also.. the frosting I use has a meringue powder mixed in, which I know is bad for egg allergies… also assuming that would not be acceptable for a vegan what with the egg and all… so i found that i could use powdered sugar, lemon juice and water to make a ‘royal icing’ of sorts. is powdered sugar ok for a vegan, or because it’s processed that would be against the grain?

not sure if you would even know these answers, but you were the first person i thought of with all the cooking you do. any feedback would be appreciated!

I hope the summer has treated you well, and you didn’t get hit too hard with all that florida rain.

(wouldn’t you like to know!)

hey (wouldn’t you like to know!)–

first of all, please don’t take it personally the unfriending thing. i tried, at one point, to whittle my friends list way way down but it seemed that no matter how hard i tried, the reality is at 34 i know a lot of people and it is fun to be fb friends with them. please forgive my experiment in fb reduction. but i took no offense on anything you posted and hope you are not offended by me.

awesome for you to do a baking biz. i saw you were headed in that direction.

we are vegetarians who don’t eat eggs. but we do do dairy and honey. still, i am familiar with vegan treats.

flour is not an issue for vegans, although some may prefer a non-bromated flour such as king arthur or perhaps organic flour. but to be truthful, the majority of vegans eat really crap processed stuff.

sugar can be an issue. powdered sugar and white cane sugar are bleached with cow bones. this is an issue for some people and not an issue for others. organic powdered sugar and natural or organic evaporated cane juice (which is available at walmart and a finer grain than turbinado) are processed without cow bones. same thing for organic brown sugar. if you are doing a website maybe you could list prices for organic cookies and baked goods as well as non-organic…since pricing will probably be a big deal to you and the customer.

if you are going to get into organic flours and sweeteners, i would recommend buying in bulk because buying off the shelf can be costly. you should be able to buy 25 lb bags from your local health food store and receive a 10% discount to boot. prices vary by region but a 25lb of evap cane may be between $30=45 and a 25lb bag of white organic flour probably in the low twenties.

a really good source for vegan recipes is the post punk kitchen website. also, those girls have a couple of good cookbooks out there. i have found the flax egg recipe they recommend works very well, especially in healthier stuff like ginger cookies and banana breads.

recently i made a vegan mayonnaise chocolate cake recipe which i got off the web (i used grapeseed oil vegennaise) and it turned out very moist (gross word, i know) and delish.

also, i heard adding silken tofu to cakes works wonders, although i am not knowledgeable of the amount/ratio…but that would be in line with the vegan mayonnaise thing.

thanks for writing and good luck with your baking. there is a wealth of resources online and can’t wait to see your business develop.

and thankfully the tropical storm stayed south…just our usual daily rain 😉

OM-forever deva



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2 responses to “OM again, OM again

  1. Ananga-manjari

    My fave vegan cooking book is Vegan with a Vengeance.

    Also, wassup with the bulk maple syrup? 😉

    Am dasi

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    do you want me to order it for you?

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