Today my husband and I mark 8 years of marriage (legal…yajna was a few months later). So…to the GBC member, sannyasis and other esteemed devotees who called me a “FEMME FATALE,””HUSBAND SWAPPER,”and other variations on the theme of unchaste WHORE (we still have the emails from you)…well, the title of this post says it all.

We have had our difficulties and moments of uncertainty…along with patches of utter grhasta happiness. But one thing is for certain– we are committed to working through whatever comes our way…(as long as physical abuse is not involved…gotta draw the line somewhere).


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11 responses to “KISS MY ASS!!!!

  1. Jaya Vijaya

    Hare Krsna Deva Mataji…


    We haven't met, but I'm a secret admirer of your website/activities. Also, I appreciate your straight-shooting mentality. Right on and Happy Anniversary (great photos too)!!!

    Thanks for all of your postings and positive energy, especially thru your delicious kitchen!

    Jai Sri Radhe!

    jaya vijaya

  2. John G.

    Congrats hon!!!!! BIG HUGS and kisses!

  3. abrennan

    Dear Deva Deva

    You really rock. Congratulations you you are your husband on your anniversary.

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    jaya vijaya–nice to make your acquaintance. thanks so much for your well wishes. there is another jaya vijaya das in brisbane, australia. do you know him? he is around my age and has a martial arts school. anyway, hope all is well with you and kalindi in olympia!

    john–smooches to you and betina 😉

    ant–thank you so much! i just had to get this post out of my system. i don't really have bad feelings towards anyone…it was 8 years ago after all…but you know how it is when you just feel like telling someone to kiss your ass? well, sometimes it's just an uncontrollable urge.

    i guess my point is….it is debatable whether or not i actually rock, but it is certain that i will never be a class act 🙂

  5. Sveta

    Thats the best thing i've read on planet iskcon ever. 1stly for your happiness and 2ndly for your boldness. ROFL

  6. Nityananda Chandra Das

    congrats, you got one year on us.

  7. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks, sveta 😉

    nityananda prabhu….about time you have baby #2!!! 😉 but i have a feeling you might end up out numbering us!! congrats right back at you.

  8. Matthew

    hahaha, nice! Congratulations, Devadeva. It's nice to be reminded that marriage is a good thing. And sorry about those letters I wrote calling you a Femme Fatal.

    Daso 'smi

  9. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks, matty.


    Haribol! Yes, they can really do kiss your ass,LOL! Congratulations!I just got married a year ago. I understand how you feel,for I'd been scrutinized also for having a live-in setting before with my hubby now. I saw you last Janmastami, but I didn't have the chance to say hi coz you were busy with your baby girl. Hope to see you again on Radhastami.Hari Hari!!!

    Malati dd

  11. Devadeva Mirel

    ha! yes i remember i met you then never saw you again!

    husband and i also lived with one another for a few months because we moved out to arizona from new v and, well…what else were we supposed to do?

    congratulations on your one year anniversary…and remember…time heals all. and if it doesn't, you have a blog to settle the score 😉

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