Impromptu Doughnuts

Friday was a busy day here. I woke up early to do some big pot cooking. Come lunchtime, my neglected children were feeling hungry. And they didn’t want rice or pasta. What to do? I had some bread dough wrapped and resting in my fridge and some cream cheese sitting on my countertop, so I fired up the wok and grabbed a few hunks of dough. Into the mini food processor went the cream cheese, cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Creamy globs spooned onto flattened dough circles, edges sealed and smoothed and into the fryer they went. Out came deliciously bready and sweet quick doughnuts, which my son favored over my daughter, who is, unfortunately for her, not that into chocolate.

Don’t tell my husband I let them eat doughnuts in our bed, okay?

You know you want one!

Hunger was sated and back to cooking. In the evening my kids accompanied me to a wonderful program, the installation of our friends’ Radha Damodara Deities.
Now that the fun is over, I can start planning my treats for the rest of the week. I think I am going to try some jam filled doughnuts for our weekly CC reading group on Friday (just in case you want to come, it is at 11:15 am…please give me a heads up so that there is a doughnut for you). And from all the cherry katha going on on Facebook, I just might give cherry pie a go. Ninety-nine cents a pound for cherries @ Hitchie’s until the end of the month!

Friend of the family: Surya, the beautiful dancer, looks good for Krishna.

Kulavira Prabhu feeding the fire.

Adi-Gopi and her too cute son Agni Locana…awaiting the bathing of their Deities.

Sarva-Mangala, the original family deity.

Beautifully dressed Sri Sri Radha Damodara accompanied by Lalita and Vishaka Devi.

****Please forgive my forever buttery camera lens***

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