In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson

For last nite’s dinner, I decided to cook an homage meal in memory of Michael, who has affected the lives of every single member of my family in such a deep and profound way. None of us would feel so comfortable with our whiteness if it wasn’t for the King of Pop making us feel that, yes, white is alright!

Since I had absolutely no idea what MJ’s favorite foods were and, well, since Michael wouldn’t actually be *eating* the dinner, I decided to make the meal a homage in theory (or is itin hypothesis?) and cook up something my dear sweet husband, who does resemble Michael ever so slightly (it’s the chin dimple), would surely like.

We have *a lot* of cabbage in the fridge due to a cancellation of our 4th of July plans (and the coleslaw that was headlining the event) So yeah, some parts of the menu were obligatory. Cabbage. And salad. But what was absolutely yum for my own pop star were the sausage burger-y type things smothered in an Italian tomato sauce.

All I did was take the spicy Italian sausage recipe and form the gluten into *patties* (word that skeeves me out), wrap and steam, cool and unwrap. Then I dipped each individual sausage thing into a thin pakora batter and then into a dish of flour. Breadcrumbs would have been better, but I was so choked up over Michael that I haven’t been able to get much baking done. I then pan-fried each piece in a skillet shallowly filled with a combo of coconut oil and ghee–much like the people who fill this earth without any recognition of how MJ touched their lives on a deeper level. Tomato sauce cooked, spooned on top and voila! A meal fit for….okay, anything I say at this point would just make me look like a snot so I will shut up now.

Gosh, some people take their pop culture so seriously!

The pictures:

*notice how the Ghosts of Michael’s Gloves are very happy about the meal.

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