"Hare Krishnas Stay Away!"

More crucial barbecuing has been going on at our house. I am rather inexperienced about the whole thing so I need to get some practice in before our big (relative term!) Fourth of July BBQ. Hopefully the attendance will beat that of last weeks picnic at Ginnie Springs (<—relative to this!).

We (actually, ‘I’) grilled all sorts of things–apples, tofu, bell peppers, corn in and out of the husk, asparagus, yeasted bread and avocado. The biggest loser was the avocado. It totally lost any natural moisture and was just flat out bland. Everything else was super good. Husband was a skeptic about the apples but I had him eating his words, if not the grilled apples, by the end of the night. Apples were brushed with a touch of homemade barbecue sauce and became soft and caramelized over the coals.

I skewered the asparagus to keep them from falling in. Flipping the lot wasn’t so easy.

Grilled avocado and apples. I meant no disrespect to the avocado…

An American summer barbecue classic: grilled tofu.

But the absolute hit of the evening was the grilled yeast bread. Actually, it was leftover dough from our Saturday pizza which had been sitting in the fridge, developing its flavors. I tore off pieces and patted them into thickish flatbreads, brushed them with ghee and threw them over the heat, putting the lid down. Probably the bread would have done a little better had the coals been not so roasty, but to tell you the truth, I couldn’t stop eating this stuff. I was planning on making grilled pizzas on the 4th but decided to sub in this grilled bread. This way I can actually attend the party.

I ate too much of this bread. That’s okay.

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