Getting Stoned

My son laid claim to this pizza pie.
A couple of weeks back my pizza stone cracked. It was a cheap one (around 10 bucks) but it was the second cracked stone I had within the past year. My bad luck comes from thermal shock. What has happened is my stone would be way hot and something kind of cold would come in contact with it and crack-o!

I really didn’t want to be bothered with yet another cheap stone nor did I want to schlep my mozzarella butt over to Target for another budget purchase. So instead, I followed a longtime dream of mine; I went to the tile department at Lowes. I steered clear of granite since I don’t want to risk my pizza giving me lung cancer and headed straight to my second favorite stone, marble. If I had access to soapstone I would have surely went for that since it is totally non-reactive and heat resistant. I know granite has a tremendous capacity for heat, , but still, marble is no slouch, withstanding temps upwards of 800 degrees.

My husband’s pizza on the big tile. I got a lot of “help” from my kids so not only did the making of this specific pie go by extra quickly, it also looks super good!!! šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the help, kids!

Two stones were purchased–a creamy unpolished 14 x 14 tile and a pinkish 12 x12 high polish tile. Total cost came to under 12 bucks. Also that day I bought a 14 inch barbecue which I will use with my 12 inch tile for grilling pizzas. Both tiles were initiated into service, however, Sunday in our oven as we readied ourselves for a Father’s Day outing to St. Augustine. My pizza stones on the cheap performed wonderfully and our lovely thin crusted pizza was packed for a day at the beach.

The family well fed and happy during low tide at Anastasia State Park.

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One response to “Getting Stoned

  1. Tulasi

    OMIGOD! to the pizza and almond butter tahini cookies (or rather OMIG-D for any observant websurfers of the Jewish faith who might be reading this…)

    & OMIG-D again (but with a totally different tone) about granite being radio-active. i always dreamed about granite kitchen tops…guess some dreams are better not fulfilled

    & yet another OMIG-D about the creative pizza tile idea šŸ˜‰

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