Where It All Began

Back when I started my blogging habit, the original URL of my Heaven’s Gate blog was sabjimata.blogspot.com. Well guess what? That is now the URL of this little bloggo!



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5 responses to “Where It All Began

  1. Tulasi

    Ahoy Sabji! I feel like i'm perpetually chasing you all over cyberspace…but i'm so happy when i find you.

    keep on bloggin'

  2. Lila

    Aww! Look how much Madhumati has grown!

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    tulasi–WE MEET AGAIN!!

    "lila"–seriously. i look at this pic and am like…i am so going to tell the pediatrician who wants to test my little elfie for whatever it is that makes her so small to step off! she may be the size of a two year old but she is growing! she is way bigger than she was…when she was smaller ;p

  4. kmala

    I'm so confused. why is there stuff about pottery on the old url?

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    me too! what the…? i guess someone wanted to snag a url that had people already subscribed to the feed. i don't know. interesting. i guess it will get fed to planet iskcon and the devotees can learn to make clay pots!

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