Crucial Barbecue

Our impromptu bbq set-up. We will move a second table down from upstairs so there is more space for prep work and pizza dough rolling. One, two…BARBECUE!!!

Yesterday we finally bought a grill. I say finally because I have wanted one for years upon years. My childhood summers will filled with barbecued dinners, although nothing my folks grilled back in those days would be suitable for me today. It was all meat. The only vegetable was the iceburg lettuce salad mom would toss together.

My husband and I were unsure how the first bout of grilling would go but we were definitely pleasantly surprised. And the kids totally loved it. Eggplant, corn, tofu, pineapple, potatoes wrapped with fresh basil and (the item my husband was most skeptical about) pizza all turned out great. The pizza especially. The crust had dark smoky spots and tasted very authentic. I am not the best pizza maker, but this definitely took my game up a few notches.

I heated the stone over the charcoals for one hour. We lit the charcoals with a flue-thingy so we didn’t have the taste of lighter fluid lingering around.

Our grill is small and cheap ( like me!)… but just what we need!

barbecued pizza

good looking crust

So as I work to pack up my jam kitchen so that we can rent out the space as an apartment, I can comfortably say I have found my new love: barbecuing. And since we do live in Florida, it doesn’t have to be just a summer romance.

happy pizza elf


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5 responses to “Crucial Barbecue

  1. Nityananda Chandra Das

    didn't you torture us last nirjal! 🙂
    Hare Krishna

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    last year i had the decency to at least make it ekadashi prasad. 😉 happy fasting!

  3. Nityananda Chandra Das

    looks nice though makes me want to get a grill. Is there much difference in taste?

  4. Campakalata Devi dasi's

    Why do you torture me on Ekadasi? 😛 Looks so fun… And yummy. I wanna do that too. It looks yummy. Really yummy. Did I tell you it looks yummy? Meanie. Tantalizing my taste buds on Ekadasi.

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    campaka….you need to start a cake blog!!! feed planetiskcon your confections!

    nityananda c….it def. gives the crust a unique, authentic flavor. you can also add wood to the coals to get a real wood oven taste. even i saw today a the dollar general a 14 inch grill for 15 bucks. that would be good with a 12 inch tile…just you have to use a lot of coals bc the stone needs to heat for an hour. keep the fire burning!!!

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