Compostable Dinnerware, Mailing Labels, Software & More

The Office Dealer is a great site for all your office supplies. What makes it so terrific? One stop shopping and super low prices. Oh yeah, and the owner is not only a friend of mine but also my son’s soccer coach (three cheers for Coach Braja!).

So next time you need compostable dinnerware for your kids’ school fundraiser be sure to throw your business this way. And just so you don’t think that The Office Dealer is some faceless, impersonal website, here is a pic of some members of The Office Dealer’s soccer team. His daughter, Rasa, is the one with her back turned to the camera.

The Hawks: (l to r) Haridasa, Purusottama, Karuna, Venumadhava, Rasa

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One response to “Compostable Dinnerware, Mailing Labels, Software & More

  1. Campakalata Devi dasi's

    Yay!!! Devadeva posted a blog!!! Woohoo!!! 😀

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