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Vegan Treats

Right now I am in Emmaus, PA with the fam, visiting some friends. Tonite will be authentic Neopolitan pizza (minus the buffalo mozzarella…we are strictly cow cheese over here). But for starters, we headed to Vegan Treats, a bakery in Bethlehem, PA which supplies the pastries for all the veg restaurants in NJ, NYC and Philly area.

And while the place smelled absolutely yummy and the pastries looked too pretty to eat (how pastries should look!), I have to say I am not as convinced on the glories of Vegan Treats as much as my northeastern friends. Generally speaking, I am totally fine with a vegan diet. Just not fine with super processed grody replacement “foods.” Soy cheese, vegetable shortening, etc. pretty much grosses me out.
Although the finished products look first class, the ingredients used at Vegan Treats are a little lowbrow. Nevertheless, I thought the doughnuts, which are cake-like, to be good–better than most vegan doughnuts I have tasted (yet they don’t even come close to doughnuts made by a woman named Mantrini out of her house in Alachua). We bought a few doughnuts and brownies for the kids to enjoy over the next few days. But to be honest, I think we would all prefer some spelt banana bread with flax seed over white flour and Crisco.

My daughter enjoying herself at Vegan Treats, despite my scathing reviews. She ordered the mocha cheesecake (we allowed it since it was early in the day) but really she only wanted to eat the chocolate spoon.
The pastry case. Lots of vegan cheesecakes (no thanks!) and peanut butter custardy things.

Vrindavani and Venumadhava enjoying their doughnuts.

What Vegan Treats lacks in healthiness, it certainly makes up for in cuteness!


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Truth In Advertising

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The Return of Face Cookies!

At the end of last school year, a parent brought sugar cookies decorated with faces in for a farewell treat. Since my kids are on an eggless diet, they knew those cookies were not for them. But could you blame a kid for desiring? As per their request, I baked up a few batches of eggless face cookies for them to delight in last year.

It’s not every day that we indulge in artificially colored frosting. So as the school year in Florida comes to a close (a few weeks earlier than schools up north), my kids miraculously remembered the sugary treats of their past school year and requested (relentlessly) that I make them again. For snack. For school. 
I’m not sure the teachers will appreciate this as much as the kids but hey, it’s the end of the year. Not a bad time to make enemies 😉
This time around I used a sugar cookie recipe, subbing arrowroot powder for the eggs. Half organic white all purpose flour and half organic whole wheat pastry, it made a very nice sugar cookie dough. The kind that tastes great eaten raw. Not that I would know anything about that…

This year’s face cookies…a little moodier looking than last year’s batch!


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Compostable Dinnerware, Mailing Labels, Software & More

The Office Dealer is a great site for all your office supplies. What makes it so terrific? One stop shopping and super low prices. Oh yeah, and the owner is not only a friend of mine but also my son’s soccer coach (three cheers for Coach Braja!).

So next time you need compostable dinnerware for your kids’ school fundraiser be sure to throw your business this way. And just so you don’t think that The Office Dealer is some faceless, impersonal website, here is a pic of some members of The Office Dealer’s soccer team. His daughter, Rasa, is the one with her back turned to the camera.

The Hawks: (l to r) Haridasa, Purusottama, Karuna, Venumadhava, Rasa

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