All Better

After five days of sickness, my daughter is all better. I have to admit, over the course of her illness I forgot just how talkative she is. While it was terrible to see her limp and lethargic, I do miss her quiet compliance. Now she is back to her renegade self.

The past week was not very productive (other than washing much laundry). Five gallons of strawberries were cut, but unfortunately I did not get around to canning them. My compost pile is a very vibrant heap of ruby colored mush.
Some stuff was accomplished on a very small scale. A case of Strawberry Basil Conserve was cooked up–as were a few jars of Too Hot Bengali Chili Pickle as well as five pounds of Vanilla Hazelnut Granola Sweetened w/Maple Syrup. Everything smells so good when it is cooking. I can’t wait for a Google app to add scent to this blog!
This week the kids are off from school for spring break. Today is overcast with some showers; we are off to the post office and then to the craft store. Hopefully I am not too tired tonite to go into the jam kitchen!

My chilies. Not homegrown like these.

Strawberry and basil–an aromatic pairing.

Vanilla Hazelnut Granola Sweetened w/Maple Syrup. Wheat free, lots of flax, expeller pressed virgin coconut oil, organic goodness.

Glaringly good pickle (not photography)!


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2 responses to “All Better

  1. farmer cdl

    oh the treats, i cannot wait for them!

  2. kmala

    I should have ordered granola. I’m so lame.

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