Post-Pistachio Sadness

You have not heard from me in a while because things have been quiet in the kitchen. My daughter has been very sick for the past five days with a stomach ailment. We suspect our little pistachio-nosher has been a victim of salmonella’s latest nut case in America.

The sickness is supposed to clear up in a week, so we are just continuing to give her ice pops and washing lots and lots of laundry as needed. She seems to be doing slightly better today, but that was the case on Friday–which was followed by a Friday nite and Saturday which served to reverse my opinion.
I have a few orders which are suffering from delayed shipment due to my daughter’s illness but I promise, tomorrow they are on there way.


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2 responses to “Post-Pistachio Sadness

  1. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    my bro had it when he was about 7. i just remember he was so weak that he couldn’t hold a cup to drink from it and couldn’t walk. we took him to the pediatrician who gave him an iv and he was all better. hope madhumati is better soon. puking children are just. . . . well, you know.

  2. Tulasi

    Haribol Sabji 😉was wondering where you were. sorry to hear about Madhumati. just googled salmonella on wikipedia, found out those critters can live for YEARS in dry food. apparently you have to heat bhoga for at least half and hour on 75C to eradicate the tiny swirly demons. forget the whole raw food benefit ideal! but the good news is that they can’t survive in an acid medium for long – how about organic lime juice for a quick sterilization solution? love

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