Yuan Fu!

A few days ago my husband went up to DC…and returned with a cooler full of Yuan Fu–my favorite kosher vegan food from the DC metro area (the restaurant is actually located in Rockville, Maryland). Sometimes I wonder why we didn’t just move to DC so that we could eat regularly at this onion and garlic free Chinese place. Having grown up Jewish, I can say without hesitation that (American ) Chinese food is definitely my favorite cuisine! And then I go on Realtor.com and see that despite the dip in real estate prices, we would still only be able to buy a place 2 hours away–minimum. Turns out its cheaper to drive up to DC and get take out once in a while.

Steamed dumplings. We got a lot of these. The kids and I cannot eat enough of them. We have gone to Yuan Fu in the afternoon, between the lunch and the dinner rush, and have seen the women making the dumplings fresh.

Vegan roast duck…or as my son calls it, “the red tofu.” The red tofu comes with a sauce, not pictured. I used to think it was gluten but now I think maybe it is tofu skins. Vegan mystery meat but we love it.

Vegan Szechuan Chicken and Kung Pao Tofu. The Szechuan is a fave of mine. This time the kids got into it, too, besides the abundance of red chili.

Ahhh. Tuna steak made of taro root and seaweed. 

Inside the dumplings–very green and fresh!

We are all Yuan-Fu’ed out. Unfortunately it is all gone–we’ve been feasting on it for a few days now. But thankfully we will have another go at it come May when we drive north to attend the graduation of my 73 year old mother from Rutgers University. Go mom!



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7 responses to “Yuan Fu!

  1. Gargs Allard

    I’ve seen that restaurant many times and wondered about it but we always go to the Vegetable Garden.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    i think yuan fu kicks the vegetable garden’s ass!!! the owners of both places used to have a restaurant together and then they split…not amicable. i highly recommend you try yuan fu. just avoid the crispy crab! (eggplant pakoras that are not worth it!!!)

  3. Ananga-manjari

    I think maybe I’ll go there next time I visit Kripa.

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    i think you should 🙂 !!!

  5. Ananga-manjari

    DD, how about you compile and publish a list/book of O&G-free, vegan/veg eateries. With a name like Sabjimata it's sure to be a success. 🙂

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    it would be more like a flier. wait, no. a postcard! 🙂

  7. Ananga-manjari

    Well, I’d be a subscriber and a happy customer. And more importantly my tummy would be satisfied.

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