The Pursuit of (Pizza) Happiness

2 Plain Pies were made for the kids. 

Ever since Radharadhya came and wowed us with his real life Neapolitan pie back in February my son has been asking me to whip up some pizza “like Radhyaradhya makes.” After a bribe of 50lbs of King Arthur Special Flour shipped to his door, the recipe was mine. RR even threw in his sauce recipe as a bonus. In exchange for the recipe (apparently the flour wasn’t enough) I had to swear to secrecy. I cannot even give you a hint of the recipes.  RR means business. Pizzeria business.

Venumadhava has asked me numerous times to get the recipe. Even though I had it, I didn’t feel prepared to venture forth into the world of really good pizza making. It takes effort. And forethought. The dough needs to be made at least 24 hours ahead of time to ferment (this is not a new hint…I’ve mentioned it before in my blog posts).
But I love my kid and cannot refuse his big brown eyes, which remind me of my own. Ahhh, vanity.
I had the recipe but not the technique. So many ways my crust fell short. There were thin spots. And holes. And an utter lack of bubbles. I made 5 pies and my kids ate one and a half. No complaints from them. Still, I hope to improve.

I agree with Radharadhya that plain is best (that is, when white pie is not available). But still, toppings are always amusing. Kalamata olives, spicy Italian sausage and green bell pepper were all I had on hand.

Pizza with the works.

Just olives…for my daughter (if you listen carefully at the start of this video, you will understand that she forced me to make this one… willful little elf!).


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3 responses to “The Pursuit of (Pizza) Happiness

  1. Elizabeth

    oizza looks gorgeous. kids and you too. thanks.

  2. radharadhya dasa

    pizza is looking good…and thanks again for the flour. it is wonderful.

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    THANKYOU!!! needs more work but that is the fun part!!

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