If You Don’t Know Me By Now…

You will never never never know me. 

But you may think you do because of this blog. And that is kind of the unspoken agreement, isn’t it? And that’s okay. Well, sort of. 
Anyway, if you think you know me, then it should come of little to no surprise that along with strawberry jam making I am strawberry sorbet making.
The pectin acts as a great stabilizer (minimizing the melt) and the foam, which I skim off the top, has lots of air in it–making this stuff the perfect no work sorbet. If you try this at home, only attempt this method if you are making a low sugar jam. Full sugar (55% sugar) will not freeze. And maximum fruit will yield maximum taste.
Nothing like a little frozen treat the first day of spring, even if it is only 64 degrees out.


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3 responses to “If You Don’t Know Me By Now…

  1. kmala

    thanks for putting that song in my brain.

  2. Ananga-manjari

    Thanks for the sweet, edible and musical jams. Yumm!!!

  3. Conrad

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