It’s Strawberry Season

This morning on my way out to take my kids to school a berry farmer out of Starke, who I talked to the other day, called me with a great deal on strawberries. Although my pockets are a little bare these days, I couldn’t pass up the price. She didn’t sell all her berries at market this weekend and more are ripening in the field. 

After dropping off the kids I Mapquested directions and headed over. Thirty gallons of strawberries are now mine for the jam-making. I have some busy nights ahead of me.

This here’s the place.

Men out in the field picking berries.

Ripe and ready.

Sandra, aka ‘Grandma,’ gave me a call this morning. “Don’t you lose my number!” I told her.

My pretty berries.


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4 responses to “It’s Strawberry Season

  1. Tulasi

    I so love strawberries…anyway, anyhow. Especially sweet organic ones. We only seem to get the large, juiceless mass-produced ones here. But with some organic sugar, they too can be transformed – somewhat.

  2. Madhava Gosh

    Do you return the boxes and berry baskets to the grower?

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    tulasi–actually, i heard the berries in florida were flavorless becauase of all the sand but these really are wonderful berries!mg–i left the flats and baskets with the grower and transferred everything into buckets and tomato boxes. this saved me $2 per flat on the price.

  4. Madhava Gosh

    Good. So much of the cost of food is packaging and by returning/not taking containers you help the grower and save carbon from the production of the baskets and boxes.

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