Monster Wraps

We’re pretty into hot meals around here, but a little variety never hurt anyone. And since we’ve been eating a little more on the heavier side lately (okay, a lot more), I thought a lighter dinner wouldn’t hurt anyone, either. But just because it’s lighter doesn’t mean it has to be any less filling.

Tonite I made a set of uber-wraps. The bread is a super big spelt flour chapati made extra soft by mixing the flour with boiling hot beet water. Stuffed with Sabjimata Spicy Italian Sausage, Romaine lettuce, arugala, shredded yellow squash and carrots, banana peppers, alfalfa sprouts, purple cabbage and beets, these wraps are basically a salad on crack. I made a honey mustard dressing from honey, Annie’s Dijon Mustard, tofu, fresh tarragon, a little balsamic vinegar, salt, hing and black pepper. 
I think these wraps fit the season. Even though it is March, it is 85 degree weather around here. Ahhh. Florida.


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3 responses to “Monster Wraps

  1. Babhru das

    Oh, yeah–that sounds great! I haven’t gotten around to figuring out if I can make big chapatis on an electric stove, but it’s worth a shot.By the way, I believe that we invented the wrap at the original Govinda’s Restarant in Honolulu in September of 1974. I tried to add a correction to the Wikipedia entry on wraps, which gives the claim to some fellow in New Jersey, who claims to invented them in the mid ’80s. (Someone came and erased my addition.) But we wanted to make cool sandwiches at Govinda’s without buying “karmi” bread, and baking loaves seemed too much of an endeavor. So my Godbrother and dear friend Revatiramana came up with an idea for making sandwiches with oversized chapatis. They were a hug hit!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    That’s pretty cool. I believe your version of the wrap’s origin. Hare Krishnas in Hawaii is way more believable than some guy in Jersey.I think you could do it on an electric stove. Sometimes my chapatis go too long in my skillet and are pretty much done and don’t need flaming. I would think the only thing you need is a big pan.Good luck, Prabhu! I hope my husband likes them. It is a little off his prasadam map so we shall see…

  3. Tulasi

    Omigod! I can’t stand how delicious these gigantic wraps look! It’s a special kind of torture, looking at them but knowing that I do not have enough pious credits to attain them.Babru and Sabjimata – please bless me with the bhakti shakti to make my own gorgeous humungous veggie wraps. For Krishna’s pleasure, of course 😉love

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