Sunday Report

This Sunday was the most tiring Sunday yet. I think a lot of the exhaustion had to do with getting behind with my burn on whatever day that was (so cannot remember). Nevertheless, things moved forward in a timely fashion and this was, somehow, the most orderly and chill weekend cooking yet. But still, the most exhausting.
I still have my Monday clean-up to take care of, even though I have to get the kids from school shortly. I vowed to have all my clean-up done Sunday nite but I was so plum tuckered out come 9 o’clock that all I cleaned was my face and my feet and headed to bed.  
Lots of pictures this week, which saves me from the tiresome work of pecking at keys to fill out this post  🙂

Croissants turned out awesome! I received my croissant cutter in the mail this week and was very enthusiastic to get it rolling (literally). Experimentation was required to get what I thought was an optimal sized croissant. The cutter rolls out a uniform cut, but the thickness of the dough really determines the size. Three sized croissants were made–minis were cute and the biggies were captivating…but the middles were probably where the future of my croissants is headed.

I made a light caramel sauce from butter, milk and turbinado to top the herbal coffee cheesecake. Mocha-licious!

Enough said.

Hot colors, like yellow and red, have been shown to induce hunger.
There are other vendors selling eatables on Sunday. Kripa-sindhu was  set up next to me with his tried and true items. Missing from his table this week were his famous samosas. But take a look at what he did have on hand:

Curd patties. Made from paneer (farm cheese) and soaked in a fragrant tomato sauce, these babies are big big sellers. I wanted to get a few but was too late.

Strawberries are in season in Florida and Krpa-sindhu is taking full advantage by making his much sought after strawberry shortcake. My son really loved it!

This week’s eggplant rollatini.

West coast visitor and blogger, Guaranga Kishore Prabhu checking out the Sabjimata table.

I love this baby. She visits me every week with her favorite teether, an organic cucumber bought from Jatayu.

Here’s something a little different. A UF journalism student interviewed me on the vegetarian diet.

Andreas, from Peru (now Gainesville), getting ready to place his order.

Gopi and her son enjoying the herbal coffee cheesecake topped with homemade caramel sauce. She gave me the biggest compliment of the night, saying that “the taste reminded me of my country.” Can’t beat that!

Henry, visiting from DC, passed along to  me these two dollar bills, which he said he prints in his basement. I hope he was joking! I haven’t seen one of these since I was a kid, so in my excitement I insisted on taking a picture.
Sunday is always fun, although this week I was feeling a little sad that I was missing the kirtan inside the temple. It wasn’t as loud as last week’s so it was harder to hear from my table. Jajajajajaja (that’s me laughing in Spanish, a habit I’ve picked up living in Alachua). I feel the need to strike a balance between work and (spiritual) play. There’s always room for improvement.



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3 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. Lila

    You make me want to visit Alachua just to buy from the Sunday Feast vendors. I remember when we were there, some vendor made empandas… yum!

  2. Elizabeth

    Hi there! I’d love to know what was in the herbal coffee cheesecake – is it Teeccino? Thanks! Elizabeth

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    no…but Teeccino Caffe would be great!

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