Gainesville Farmers Market

Wednesday we checked out the Union Street Farmers Market. Here’s what we saw:

Those  Hare Krishnas are *everywhere*!   

The Tempeh Shop: The First and Only Certified Organic Tempeh Maker in  Florida

Fresh organic produce from Kumarie’s garden! Yeah, I know…more Hare Krishnas! I’m telling you…they are *everywhere* around here!

Fragrant ripe strawberries…irresistable

Well, look who it is! Rukmini and Ganesh. I was so happy to run into them since I owed Mallika (Rukmini’s daughter) fifteen bucks. It’s good to pay off debts in a timely manner. Especially when the money is owed to Hare Krishnas 😉

Baked treats from The Flour Pot Bakery.

I haven’t even hit the top of my game yet as far as my croissants go and I feel like they already look better than these. Not that it’s a competition or anything.

Bread. Radharadhya…you are going to kick some doughy butt when you get down here!!!

Another vendor’s baked stuff.

You can’t have a farmers market without some good looking tomatoes.
So that’s just some of the spread. There was not a lot of stuff to “eat there.” Samosas, meat pies (if you consider that, ahem, food) and some cookies. Monday an almost-architect is coming over to measure out my upstairs kitchen and then the plans will be drawn up. I need to submit the plans for the caterer’s license as well as applying for a Home Occupation license.
Let the bureaucracy begin!


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3 responses to “Gainesville Farmers Market

  1. Gargs Allard

    nice picturesI like the phrase “almost architect”

  2. Veggie Bytes

    Yeah bureaucracy….makes me sometimes wish I was some woman in a 3rd world country who gets a microloan from a NGO and she can make her traditional goodies at home and sell from there too.

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    i hear you. and florida is so small business unfriendly. i would imagine texas isn’t much better!

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