Feel the Burn

Yesterday we went to the farmers market in Gainesville and had a really good time. I will post pictures from that tomorrow. After walking around looking at the vendors my husband and I decided that if I was selling there I would be killing it. I talked with the market manager and although the market is full now, he thought a spot would open up in Spring.
Right now I am getting the process started for getting a certified kitchen in my home. This requires a lot of paperwork:  kitchen plans, state caterer’s license, local tax application as well as a home occupation license. My plan is to take out a business loan to get stuff rolling as soon as possible.
Today was a busy day in the kitchen trying out some new things.  Lots of baking and, unfortunately, lots of burning…of my skin. I baked one loaf in a cast iron roaster and another on a baking sheet under a stainless steel wok lid. After 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven I took the lid off the loaf so the crust could brown. I set the lid on the stovetop, removed the lid from the roaster and then absentmindedly grabbed the wok lid with my left hand so that I could make room for the cast iron lid. Unfortunately, I grabbed the wok lid without an oven mitt.
After that my whole day was ruined. Now I am behind in my cooking (and clean-up) and really need to bring something yummy over to the police station for the two cops who let me off my speeding ticket (in a school zone, no less) as I was zipping along all too conscious of my fiery hand and rapidly melting ice.
The pain should subside by the morning and back to cooking as usual.
Experimental loaves:

This is the one baked under the wok lid. Hardly worth the pain.

From the roaster. Not bad but I want to develop the flavor of the dough more using a poolish.


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7 responses to “Feel the Burn

  1. Gargs Allard

    Thanks for letting us try the experimental bread. I’ll tell you what I think after I taste it. I met Chakradhara on the way to Gainesville and he bought two of your veggie sausages from me. He started eating them right there in the Auto Zone parking lot. I think your husband is right about your possible future success at the Gainesville Farmer’s Market.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks for the feedback/being my guinea pig!! so…what price did you sell the sausage for on the black market? i should set you up as a local distributor 😉

  3. Gargs Allard

    Chuck just plunked $5 down into my cup holder for the two. They were authentic Sabjimata sausages and still under the regular $3 a piece price, so the feds didn’t hassle me.

  4. Tulasi

    Ouch – I hate cooking burns. They tend to slow you down for a couple of days afterwards too… Scrubbing pots and cutting ginger becomes a painful exercise. I’m sending you some virtual organic aloe vera to sooth your hand…btw, I left a tiny pan filled with hot water boiling on the stove as I dashed out absentmindedly to work yesterday…luckily, the Supersoul alerted me, and a neighbour switched it off before the entire building burnt down (I even managed to salvage the pan).love Tulasi

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks for the virtual aloe! ahhhh soothing. yesterday i was steaming sausage and had the water burn out but thankfully i noticed it! i have left the house with a pot on the burner once. was away a few hours but thankfully nothing more terrible than a bad stench and a separated pot bottom. just so you know for next time…not that there will be a next time. 😉i find it very hard to remember things…like…*hot lid…don’t touch it!*

  6. Ananga-manjari

    hk dd…hope your burn is on the mend. wanted to share my tried and true method for cooking burns…freshly shredded potato directly (or even a chunk of cut potato) on the affected area. it helps to “remove the heat” and has anti-bacterial properties that help in healing burn injuries.

  7. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks ananga…i have heard of the medicinal properties of potato before 🙂 thankfully the burn was better 13 hours later.

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