Now That’s Jacked Up!

The time has finally come for me to reopen my online shop. As much as I tried to avoid this, the inevitable has happened. The business of being Sabjimata has taken me to a crossroads. Either I abandon the endeavor or I jack up my prices.

Folks visiting my Sunday table have been in on this change for the past two weeks. My simple cookies (peanut butter, ginger, etc.) are up twenty-five cents. I’ve introduced, with great success, some higher ticket items–which I like to refer to as “entrees”–and since the quality and flavor are there, so are the customers. The same has to follow if I am to keep making my jams and pickles.
This isn’t Pennsylvania. Or California, for that matter! Florida is expensive for produce. Since Florida is first in the growing season, pretty much everything gets shipped out of state, up to the northeast, for fresh market. There aren’t Amish farmers selling organic peppers on the side of the road for $7 a bushel. A BUSHEL! ORGANIC! Yes, those days are over for me, and I do sure miss them.
Sunday a friend tipped me off to a really good You-Pick peach place. The season is coming and I am rinsing out my 5 gallon buckets. Still, I doubt the price will rival the $36 a bushel I was paying for local peaches up in P.A.
Just to keep it real, my prices at my table on Sundays will pretty much stay the same for all things jarred. Pickle may go up a bit, although I am holding out until the summer to see what the pepper prices will be.
In the meantime, sorry about the hike. I guess now I’ll see how much you really love me. I mean… Sabjimata. I mean…Sabjimata Jam.

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  1. av

    Hey Sabji,People will pay for quality if they like it and if it’s too much for them at the time then they won’t buy that day. But good quality food at a ‘reasonable’ price will always have a market.Btw, I’m still working off the cheesecake. Yum!

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