Sunday Report

Despite being a bit worried that my trip to Blue Springs would interfere with my cooking effort, some new items were added to my table this week. For sale were the usual suspects: organic spelt flour cookies with Sabjimata jam, barbecue gluten kebabs, vegan sausage, jam, cheesecake (Madagascar Vanilla Bean & Valencia Orange) and chili pickle. 
Eggplant rollatini and cupcakes were back this week, joined by ginger cookies, peanut butter tahini cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, as well as a chickpea pate and sprouts sandwich on an organic homemade roll. The sandwiches were a very popular, as were the quesadillas made fresh for the occasion. The tortilla was homemade from organic white flour. Inside were ample amounts of smoked cheddar, organic black beans, banana peppers, yellow squash and Sabjimata Vegan Turkey Sausage–all cooked in a cast iron skillet, giving it a wonderfully charred flavor alongside an extra shot of iron for all those borderline anemic vegetarians out there (myself included).

Ram was one of my first customers of the day. Here he is with his cutesie daughter, Surya, who sadly dropped her cupcake in the dirt (she got a replacement, por gratis).  

A.V. led a rocking kirtan in the temple room (it was so loud I could hear it from my table) and then fueled up on some Sabjimata. 

My hardcore customers–Kim, Paramananda & kids.

Kids like Sabjimata!

Eggplant Rollatini. 

The sandwiches went so fast I hardly had time to photograph them.

Kinnara, who my son is in love with (I think) eating her vanilla cupcake with orange frosting. And yes, it’s Florida orange frosting. Totally local.

Ooops! How did this get here? Madhumati looking super duper cute at Blue Springs on Saturday.

The walk from the springs to the river. Very beautiful. A great place for meditation…that is, if you are not walking with a 3 year old and a five year old.
Anyway….it is good to be back doing the table on Sunday. Our life has definitely gone into overdrive as I mom, wife and shop, cook. Full-time work but all very fun. Tomorrow I get to clean up…with my daughter home from school. For the past three weeks a kid has been home one day during what is supposed to be my work time. But I’m not complaining. Mom, wife and shop, cook. That’s my life!


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2 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. Yoga

    where is Blue Springs located?

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    high springs, florida

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