The Pizza Party Post

Radharadhya das….Pizza Master

Radharadhya makes the dough the night before. I am still waiting for him to fork over the recipe…but if I do remember properly, it is 22 ounces of flour to one teaspoon of yeast. That’s right. He measures his flour by weight. Tres European.
Radharadhya always makes 12 doughs at a time and puts them in these little containers overnight in the fridge.  The slow rise gives the dough an extra delicious flavor. Lots of fresh basil goes into Radharadhya’s pizza. 

Radharadhya brought all his pizza making equipment from home (Emmaus, PA!). That’s his Kitchen Aid stand mixer, not mine. He always uses it for his dough making. Here Gopa is busy shredding lots and lots of mozzarella. HELLA!

Dainty hands shape silky dough.

Radharadhya hand shapes his dough, tossing it back and forth between his hands.

The Inaugural Pie: The first of many of the night.

His travel peel. Pine. The awesome hardwood one stays at home.
Precisely eight minutes later….:

Crisp and bubbly. Eat your heart out, people! Radharadhya’s pizza is so good I did not mind one bit stuffing myself until I felt sufficiently sick (family saying–shout out to Mom!). So many different toppings, but the plain was the most popular with the kids. White pie was the fave of the adults hands down. White pie with kalamata olives. White pie with capers. White pie with asparagus. Any way Radharadhya made it, we were there ready to eat it–hot from the oven. We all burned the roof of our mouths just so we could fully replicate an authentic pizza parlor experience.

My Italian-American neighbor, Dhananjaya, was called in for a spontaneous taste test. What did he think? Better than the best pizza in New York. On par with the best pizza in Italy. No topping that!

These kids, deprived of the American experience of eating at pizza parlors because all of their parents are total vegetarian nut cases, were loving Radharadhya’s pies. For my son there’s no turning back. I need that recipe, Radharadhya! My son’s childhood memories depend on it!!!

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