Easy Pot Pie: Pret-a-Porter

The cooking has begun. I am trying to get it together for selling on Sunday while simultaneously keeping a five year old and a three year old off the disabled list. Everyone knows kids are made of rubber…and milk. Which is my son’s remedy of choice when his sister just elbowed him in the eyeball while stomp jumping on packing bubbles.

Milk is easy, but my husband requires a real meal, even if nobody elbows him in the eyeball. Thankfully he’s pretty lenient on what he considers a real meal. Mostly he just wants to see me give it that old college try. Well actually, a little better than that.
A few days ago I was inspired to purchase a copy of Bon Appetit. My free subscription had expired a few months ago and, to tell you the truth, I really wasn’t missing my issues. But when I saw the cover of the latest issue, my mind somehow looked past the meatiness and focused on the one pot mashed potatoiness of the whole thing. Pot pies five ways. I knew the recipes would be easy to convert to veg recipes and besides, who doesn’t like pot pie?
We are not so big into one pot meals in practice around here, although I adore the idea of the heartiness and simplicity of them. So as dinner time neared last nite and most of my pots were already in use, I decided to follow my feeling and take inspiration from Bon Appetit.
Only I didn’t use any of their recipes.
Who has time to look at recipes when you’re busy cooking?

I had some tomato sauce in the fridge…fragrant and rich….and a lot of fresh veggies which, if not used soon, would no longer be considered fresh. Combined with a thick layer of parmesan cheese I stuck it in the oven for 45 minutes covered, removed the lid and topped with buttered crumpled sheets of phyllo dough, in the oven for another 15 and, miraculously, dinner was served.
My husband, always kind and merciful when it comes to my cooking assessments, said it was very good. But not something I should sell on Sundays. 
Well, yeah! I so know that. It was Sabjimata Off the Rack…not Couture. I save the good stuff for Sundays.

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One response to “Easy Pot Pie: Pret-a-Porter

  1. Tulasi

    I’ll take pret-a-porter pot pie any day…love

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