Not the Pizza Party Post

I am cooking again on Sundays so the Sunday report will return…well, Sunday! Very busy around here. Still recovering (and blogging about) the friends’ visit. Before they came I embarked on a little living room remodel. Sick of living like I just moved out of the ashram (it’s been eight years now), I convinced the husband to let me take my Sabjimata winnings and blow it on some room beautification. Since the contents of the entire room had cost us only $250, the husband did not take much convincing that yes, it was time to take the plunge into home decorating.
Today I picked up the new cushion covers for our old rattan sofa which we bought in North Carolina, along with a chair and coffee table, for $200. A great price for all that lovely patina. The cushions were pretty beat to begin with. Originally I had sewed some covers but, let’s face it, it would just be unfair if I was able to cook *and* sew. Sad, sad Devadeva sewn covers. They didn’t last long; the staples kept falling out. Thankfully, there are people who do this kind of thing professionally.
I took the cushions to Clotheworks Upholstery and am super happy with the job they did. The fabric is a yellowish green on parrotish green wooly tweed. Originally I was going to go with a teal tweed but at the last minute switched to green, thinking it would pick up the green in the rug and curtains.
I probably should have gotten the teal. But I can handle the green. It is growing on me. And I swear…I will tell my husband I love it, no regrets.

The boomerang chair and coffee table are from my husband’s grandmother. I love “The Chair.” The veneer top on the table is in trouble, but don’t worry…I have plans to fix that.

My Pier 1 Imports. Peacock feather panels, pleather chair, wool rug (on sale!).

The cushions. White rattan + green cushions = that cooling minty feeling. Every time I walk into the room now I feel like brushing my teeth.

Although I am unsure of the colors, I am sure it is a total improvement from the crap look of the before room. The name of the fabric was *kiwi.* Fruity.  (Throw pillows TBA.)


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3 responses to “Not the Pizza Party Post

  1. Syamesvari

    love the rug. No, LOVE the rug.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks. i do too 😉 although i am now that woman who says “not on the rug! “watch the rug!” “are your feet dirty…don’t walk on the rug!” freak can be yours at your local pier one.

  3. mrssilverman

    I love the the green cushions!! The colors are spectacular, i think they work together perfectly. 🙂Are you going to make your kabobs again for Sunday? I want to take your BBQ sauce recipe and replace the sugar with agave.Have an awesome weekend.Amanda

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