Our Trip to St. Augustine: Discovering My Own Personal Hellish Planet

After the cupcake drop-off we loaded our people into three two cars and one minivan and made the trip out to St. Augustine. The weather was fair. Could have been warmer but it was in the 70’s so I can’t really complain. It is February, after all. While the air was balmy, it was also sandy!

Up north high winds were blowing down trees (on our property in Pennsylvania) but at the beach it was blowing sand. Welcome to HELL, Devadeva.
Hours, hours I tell you, were spent cooking up kebabs for friends. A fresh batch of sausage was steamed and pan fried for a huge salad which included chickpeas (not from a can!). Fresh tarragon, virgin olive oil, organic dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar were combined for the dressing. Fruit was washed. Napkins packed. We had a classy picnic planned for our beachside escape.
If you’ve never eaten on the beach when the wind was fiercely blowing, let me just tell you…it’s ruinous. Wonderful, tasty stuff assaulted. Insulted. Leaving the eater feeling revolted. I am not an earthworm!!! 

The Friends are such serious eaters that even sand breading did not slow them down.

Welcome to HELL!! You have no idea how unhappy I was. No idea.

After we split from HELL we headed into town in search of some eggless ice cream. Here Madhumati poses as the fourth triplet. 

Vrindavani resting up for our almost endless pilgrimage for the one ice cream shop with eggless ice cream. Of course it was the last one…a few miles from where we began our sojourn. No easy journey with seven kids in tow.

This pic was taken at the beginning of our ice cream walk–while the kids were still rested and hopeful.

Outside  Yo! MTV RAPS (the St. Augustine studio), chillin’ with my posse.

Old Timers

The triplet mommy hitting the bars. Hey, it gets rough taking care of all those kids. Actually, we were looking for a potty (for ourselves). The bar was too gross even for that so we split.

Look Who’s Chanting!

Castillos de San Marco aka “The Fort”
(Pizza Party Post Coming Soon!!!!)

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One response to “Our Trip to St. Augustine: Discovering My Own Personal Hellish Planet

  1. tulasi-priya dasi

    Give St. Og another chance. The little grassy area with the gazebo, in the center of town (across from St. Augustine Church) is a nice place for a picnic.I always thought Kilwins was egg-free. If not, oops!

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