A house full of seven kids and seven adults can be quite a scene, so Kiriti and I decided to get out of the house for a little…that’s right…food shopping!

Right next to Ward’s, our sorta local family owned grocery store, is Bikes & More, the bike shop where Kiriti’s Florida husband works. I met Brian a couple of weeks ago when I went bike shopping for my family and was blown away by the sheer twin-ness of him to Radharadhya, pizza maker extraordinaire and Pennsylvania husband to Kiriti. Before shopping I had to drag her over to the bike shop.
It was early morning and Brian was just opening shop, chaining bikes up outside the store’s entryway. When Kiriti saw him from a distance, she immediately said, “That’s not my husband!”
But wait….
As she got closer to him I watched her crumple up, doubling over in laughter. The beard. The blue eyes. The bear belly. It was too much for both of us. And then…
He spoke.
Slowly. With awkwardly punctuated breathes. Quietly. Like every word was part of a delicate secret and every secret was full of inscrutable truth. Even if he was just talking about a bike rack. Or a pizza peel. Which “he” am I talking about? Does it really matter?

Brian & Kiriti

Radharadhya & Kiriti

Again, Brian & Kiriti

Okay. Must. Stop. Laughing. So I can continue with this post. Really, don’t you think this is hysterical?
Tuesday, Feb. 15, marked our 7th wedding anniversary (although if we were following the lunar calendar it was really back in January). My husband and I actually had two weddings (to each other) and this anniversary celebrates the religious ceremony, which was six months after the legal ceremony, which wasn’t very ceremonious, to be truthful. We just signed our names on the paper and dropped it off at the courthouse. Maybe we even mailed it in. Who can remember such things?
Tuesday the friends were on their own, visiting Disneyworld and relatives nearby so we spent our anniversary in relative peace. I wanted to make cupcakes to bring to our temple that morning, but I was busy with friends so cupcakes were made for Wednesday.

Off to the temple….7 years and 46 cupcakes later.

I really liked how the cupcakes turned out. Feeling a little disorganized from so much fun, the cake was a little different batch to batch. Some were organic white spelt/organic whole spelt, some organic whole wheat pastry/organic all purpose flour and some were a little of everything. Lots of good quality vanilla flavoring in the batter gave these cupcakes a taste worth their frosting. And speaking of frosting, I was pretty pleased with the results.
The purpley frosting was butter and cream cheese combined with confectioner’s sugar and Sabjimata Blueberry Conserve, giving it a very natural yet fun color and taste. The pink cupcake frosting was made from cream cheese, organic coconut milk, confectioner’s sugar and Sabjimata Strawberry Conserve. Yellow frosting was cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar and homemade orange syrup. Yum yum.
Yes, the nonpareils are ummm….not organic. Or natural. Or good for you. But they are totally small.
I have no idea how the cupcakes were received because I had to head home to get ready for our day trip to St. Augustine….which I will write about tomorrow.
Nite, nite!


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6 responses to “We So CRAZY!

  1. Gargs Allard

    The Radharadya and Brian thing is so awesome, especially if you have a blog.

  2. kmala

    uncanny! rogerroger’s doppleganger! I wish I had one.

  3. Tulasi

    I so want a blueberry cupcake…no, make that an orangey one…but what about the organic strawberry frosting? umm…ok, I’ll settle for all/ any of the above 😉Happy Anniversary!

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    gargs..you’re right! actually..i’ve waited my whole blog for this moment.kmala…i’ll stay on the lookout for yours!tulasi…i say with all honesty…they were all good!

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    gargs..you’re right! actually..i’ve waited my whole blog for this moment.kmala…i’ll stay on the lookout for yours!tulasi…i say with all honesty…they were all good!

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    gargs…actually..i’ve waited my whole blog for this!!kmala…will be on the lookout for yours!tulasi…you can only choose one 😉

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