Vastu Shyam

Nobody said Martha Stewart had the market cornered on sharing good things. That’s why I want to share with you this totally bitchin’ (I just really needed to get that phrase out of my system) site offering some much needed services around here.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Fatigue or lack of motivation? Can I answer this later?
Constant stress or tension? Who wants to know?
Insomnia or overeating? *Crunch* *Crunch*
Lack of mental clarity? What was the question?
Financial misfortune or legal problems? It’s the five-O, G!
Discord with spouse or coworkers? Not as long as they leave me alone.
Behavioral/performance problems with children/employees?
That depends. How do you define “problem?” is more than an Indian Phd graduate from Standford trying to sell you his consulting services; it is a total lifestyle website! From weekly insights to really good ghee, is the place to cruise for info on stuff you haven’t put that much thought into yet.
Ever thought about getting shanti with The Devas of the Directions or The Cosmic Person? Of course not. But once you *do* start thinking about it you will totally want to get yourself the shirt to go along with the thoughts. Do so here.
Ever thought about consulting someone about, you know, vastu house stuff? Do so here.
Ever wonder about what it’s like to live inside a lotus flower? No? Now you can.  Do so here.
Seriously, if you want to evaluate your living environment for good vibes, no one beats Vastu Shyam….also known as the Co-Director of my children’s private school. And no, I am not getting any tuition breaks on account of this post.

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