One Week Delay

This afternoon our house guests headed back north and, after 8 days of constant companionship, we are once again enjoying the quietude and alone time our usual existence affords us. That’s not to say that we didn’t have a great time with our friends. It was as fun as a barrel of monkeys. Make that a barrel of triplets.

Tomorrow I will try to recap the fun for you, but I wanted to get something up on the blog to deter anymore emails from concerned citizens.  Thanks for caring. I promise you, I am totally okay. My house isn’t even that messy, although, if you really want to help, we are pretty behind on the laundry.
Last Friday we had people over to honor my husband’s Guru. We were really happy by the turnout and enjoyed spending the evening with such sweet friends. I put a lot of thought (and time) into the menu, but have to admit the end results were below my personal standard. That being said, no one seemed to mind. There are no pictures to offer you since I was totally busy cooking for two days, but there is a short video of my mailman chanting Hare Krishna in our home. 

Thursday before our social marathon began, my husband suggested a family trip to Poe Springs. As you can see from the pictures below, some of us had more fun than others.

Although almost impossible to see in this shot, there is a huge cottonmouth snake (at least that’s what we think it is) living in this crack, right next to the steps of the springs. Great.

Since it was not a very warm day, we had the springs to ourselves. Terrific.

My son was very happy to be at the springs.

I’d rather be cooking.

Andreas, Krishna-kripa Prabhu, Stava-priya and Ali Krishna
pose for a little inter-blog-etary shot.
After much cooking and cleaning Friday evening came and our guests arrived. On time! Believe me, it is notable. Above is a picture of some of our punctual friends. I know, you’re wondering where you can get sweet saffron threads (no pun intended) like Krishna-kripa Prabhu’s.  No problem. You too can dress like a Hare Krishna monk at a reasonable price simply by shopping online.  And so you don’t get flustered trying to assemble the whole thing, here is a link to ease your frustration.
I promise there will be more edible posts in this blogs future, but for now, I am definitely not opposed to mixing it up a bit. In the meantime (that being the time between now and tomorrow–when I plan on posting again), goodnite. I am TIRED!


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2 responses to “One Week Delay

  1. Radhapriya devi dasi

    I’m disappointed the mailman chanting Hare Krsna wasn’t in uniform 😉

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    he was in uniform….just not a government issued one 😉

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