From the Beginning

Friday we had our Hare Krishna shindig and Saturday evening the friends were slated to arrive. If everything went according to plan, we would have a full day Saturday to clean up before our house was taken over by two year old triplets. 

Saturday morning we were so hung over from post-shindig exhaustion that when the phone rang at 8 am and the friends told us they drove through the night and would be here in an hour, we didn’t bat an eyelash. We couldn’t. We were too tired.
Lucky for us, one guest slumbered overnite at our house and was more than happy to clean up while I lay prone on the floor. Thanks, Salagram!

Triple threat! Priya, Kishore and Keshava. The Sadowski Family Bhajan Band.

One lone piece of sohan papri, the best Indian sweet EVER!!! This delectable was imported from Vrindavan and sent by my friend, Palani, by way of the Sadowski Family. Thanks XO!

Uncle Kevin and triplets’ big bro Narayan

Gopa-ji, the triplet baby daddy. We were headed over to the skate park. There are no shots of him skating because we got kicked out pretty quickly for breaking the helmet law.

Papadams. Papadams make a wonderful snack for kids and the packaging is crazy enough to make me pee my pants laughing. Gotta love papadams. Although my kids only love them when they are deep fried. I prefer them toasted.
Missing from these pictures is another family that stayed at our house as well as the triplet baby mommy.  Which means I will post that later. Also missing is anything that I cooked during the week. Here’s my excuse: you try living with five other adults and seven kids for a week and see how many pictures of your meals you can take!  
We ate a lot. I promise.


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2 responses to “From the Beginning

  1. Veggie Bytes

    I have to agree soan papdi is the best…it’s like compressed chickpea cotton candy. *drool*lucky you, yours was probably Braj prasadam!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    braja prasad indeed! yeah…besan and ghee cotton candy!!! great way to describe it!

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