Mmmmum Mmmmum

See Them Eat is back!  Thanks to a submission from Soma Prabhu.

Much cooking has been going on at the Sabjimata base camp. Last Friday was a very delicious baby shower at Casa de Sabji. And this coming Friday we are having a Hare Krishna Happening in honor of my husband’s Guru. Lots of lots of good Indian cooking will be taking place.

Baby Shower Drinking Games. I came in second place.

The Expecting Couple, Padi and Braja. And baby will make 7!

And the next day our house will be stampeded by the world’s only set of Vaisnava triplets, along with their brother, parents and another family who has just one  blonde ringleted child but she keeps her mama busier than the triplet mama. I must admit I am a little behind on the prep work for that, but have three refrigerators stocked with veggies, milk, cheese and fruit so I am not too worried.
Alrighty. I don’t know when I will surface again. Hopefully when I do I am not 10 pounds heavier and drooling ricotta cheese from my mouth. My plan is to eat defensively, even though I will be hanging with some heavy hitters (code name: Dairy Bear). Fresh fruits and vegetables are on my menu plan. And for my guests? Let them eat cheesecake! That’s right. I have a Caffix flavored cheesecake (along with Anise Cherry Sauce and Saffron Cardamon Peach Sauce) ready and waiting for them.
And if you have eating pics, send them my way for See Them Eat. I had to ease up on the kid shots since there just seems to be so many of them. And yes, I did slack on some of your submissions. Can you forgive me?

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