Jam Stock

Recently I’ve gotten a few emails from old customers looking to replenish their Sabjimata stock. Sad that I’ve taken the store offline and living miles upon miles away from my home base, they want to my jam. Whatever I have left.

Below is a list of what I still have in stock. Some flavors are rarer than others*.
Blueberry Vanilla Bean Conserve*
Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve
Saffron Cardamom Peach Conserve*
Strawberry Jam*
Peach Vanilla Bean Conserve*
Heavy Rose Petal Syrup
Cherry Sauce*
Anise Cherry Sauce*
Bengali Mild Chili Pickle*
Everything is $8. Some of the labels are a little smudgey or otherwise imperfect. 
For the record, for something to be labelled jam, the USDA requires a 55% sugar content. My conserves, on the other hand, are 15-20% sugar–that’s much less than jam! Of course, I only use natural sugar, never white. I do not have any jams/conserves available that are sweetened with fruit juices because I only use fresh ingredients when making my preserves. Commercial fruit spreads sweetened with fruit juice use frozen juice concentrates, something I stay away from.
If you are interested in some jam, just email me at sabjimata@gmail.com

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One response to “Jam Stock

  1. Tulasi

    Wow, your inventory looks like seriously delicious stuff.I really want to order some, but I don’t think I can deal with the aggravation of the South African postal system right now (capricious customs regulations and light fingers)They will probably take one look at my parcel, and that’s the last I will ever see of Rose Petal Conserve…I would consider donating it to them, but our exchange rate vs yours just doesn’t allow such (semi-coerced) magnanimity at present.love

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