What I’m Up To

Basically, just the same old same old, but now with hair bows. Hey, someone has to be that goofy old lady with hair bows and while my hair isn’t totally white yet, I feel the time to get started with this look is now.

Of course I am cooking. But I have managed, yet again, to screw up another camera…so I have no pics to offer. Hopefully the camera is fixable. Right now the lens is a total haze and makes my photos look like I’m shooting in heavy smog.

At the very present moment I am spending whatever money was in my Sabjimata account on interior decorating, which basically means that I’ve been buying every item that Pier 1 sells that has some teal in it. Trust me, it looks better than it sounds. We are going to get new cushion covers sewn for our sofa and hopefully get it painted as well. The covers will be green. You know, to compliment the teal.

I am doing all this in honor of my very special friends who are coming down from Jersey and PA to visit us next week. I want everything to look nice and homey for them, even though my one friend has two year old triplets who may, in fact, trash our house. Must remember to save those receipts! (Just kidding, Pier 1). My husband and I are, however, planning a zone defense since we will be outnumbered, 6 adults to seven kids. Fun!

I keep saying I am going to work on my writing, but let me tell you, flipping through fabric swatches takes a lot of time. To get me motivated I started yet another blog. Please, don’t groan. This one will be for a slightly tongue in cheeky writing project, Bhagavad Gita for Bitches. For those of you groaning that it is yet another one of my blogs hosted on Blogspot,let me tell you that I did try to do the WordPress thing but it is much more complicated than everyone makes it out to be. And for those of you groaning about the fact that I have yet another blog, just don’t click the link, okay?

Really, the goal is to see just how many blogs I can ignore at one time. Let’s see how I do…



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4 responses to “What I’m Up To

  1. Tulasi

    Hey Sabji B!Ok wid u if i start a local chapta here in CT called BG4BTCHZ. How bout dat? The only thing is – i wud b da only member…May b u & me cud rap all 700 verses. Dat b cool wid da Big K-man, rite?

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    Sweetie…are you okay?

  3. Tulasi

    Hey Sabji M,Of course I’m not okay. I’m a resident of this planet, comprende?I thought my rapper-girl imitation (above) was pretty authentic…but hey, apparently not ;-(

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