Highly Recommended

Jayadeva Das, reporting for Mangala Aroti.
Although it seems he has no interest in a blog feed to Planet Iskcon, there is nothing stopping me from giving a shout out to Jayadeva’s blog: A or The (I Don’t Remember) Convenient Truth.

Jayadeva and I were former inmates at Sri Gita Nagari Dhama way back before the end of the world happened in 2000. Whew, glad we made it through the apocalypse. When not blogging or thinking about Lord Nityananda, Jayadeva can be found in New Jersey, going to art school, working his j-o-b and being the best darndest step-dad this side of the Raritan River.

His blog is g-o-o-d. Hope you check it out.

(Ooops! And don’t forget to check out his little missus’ blog…but just don’t leave any mean comments about her dog, okay? It’s spirit soul, too!)

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One response to “Highly Recommended

  1. kmala

    thanks for the laugh and the shout out!

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