Sabjimata: The Next Generation

Many people have children to carry on their legacy. I just wanted someone cute to kiss and cuddle. But lucky, lucky me–I get the best of both worlds.

When we lived in Pennsylvania my little girlie would often say that when she grows up, she wanted to be a jam maker. Now, she has refined her occupational aspirations. According to her, when she is all big and grown, she “wants to be Sabjimata.” 
I have a successor.
She is an avid fan of prasadam, always wanting the biggest piece or the biggest spoonful of everything being served. At lunch today she got all giddy, licking her lips and skipping around from item to item. A little potato and broccoli, slide the soup bowl over, take some rice, more soup, a few forkfuls of paneer, more soup (I had to fill her bowl three times) and then some fistfuls of salad. My girlie is a pleasure to cook for; she is interested and excited about vegetarian spiritual cuisine.
When she goes over her friend Kamala’s house, she spends hours at the play stove making sabji and birthday cake tea and jam and chapatis for everyone to eat. And at home she gets all my old spoons and utensils for her own kitchen, located in her bedroom. Grandma even bought her her own stoneware tea set and a bunch of plastic dinner plates from the dollar store. Unlike toy plates, these are full sized and can accommodate the large feasts Madhumati cooks on a regular basis.
Tonite, when she fell asleep with a kid-sized oven mitt in one hand and an old silicone spatula in the other, I just couldn’t help but think how much I love her. A few hours later, I just couldn’t help and take a picture of my sleeping cooker. The stuff was no longer in her arms, but close enough.
Feel free to comment about how cute she is. We’re not shy around here  😉


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4 responses to “Sabjimata: The Next Generation

  1. Campakalata Devi dasi's

    omg, I can't get over the pink mit and pink spatula! I love her too!!! so sweet… kisses from Auntie Campaka… ❤

  2. Devadeva Mirel


  3. Syamesvari

    I think you already know how I feel about this particular subject matter…:)

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    i know.

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