Fresh Fruit: Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Saturday we went to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville with the kids and some friends. My husband had been before but it was my first time there. Admittedly, the coldest week of the year is not the optimal time to visit a garden.  But we made it work.

Lots of herbs to smell, vines to swing on and oranges to pick! These mandarin oranges (below) were super sweet and, picked straight from the tree, ultra-tasty. Unfortunately, the lower limbs were picked over. Fortunately, our friends are very tall.



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2 responses to “Fresh Fruit: Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

  1. Vani

    Hey mother DD, Shcool went there and stayed at one of the houses the own for like 2 nights and helped serve lunch at the campus and we helped cook for the evening programs and went to mangle. We had a blast!!!!!!!! i loved it there

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    at the gardens? was that the “period” house? i saw some pics from ksam. your school is too awesome. really.xo

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