All You Can Eat

What is it with Hare Krishnas and all you can eat meals? They seem to go hand in hand. Saturday night, after working up an appetite eating fresh picked citrus, we headed over to Krishna House for the $8 a plate sit down all you can eat dinner extravaganza.

The meal was plentiful, with preps too abundant to count. I am happy our friends Naveena-Shyam and Krishna-priya clued us in to this excuse to get out of the house. Really, I’m always enthusiastic to eat someone else’s cooking. And our kids, who dined for $4 a plate, were grinning ear to ear. They like the restaurant experience.

Out in the parking lot we passed by the Krishna Lunch van, which–as you can read on the side there–has been serving out karma free meals since 1971. That’s like, a pretty long time. Way to go!

We were arrived about 15 minutes before they opened for dinner. Thankfully they let us warm up inside as we waited for the men to get back from a quick jaunt to the bike shop.

Feeding time!
Here’s a shot of some of the happy diners.  My daughter and the woman are now best friends. I think they made plans to meet up there next Saturday night.

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